Polishing Up your Grass Fishing

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 07/28/2017

Polishing Up your Grass Fishing Skills

As the grass thickens and the summer months get hotter there are some keys that allow you to become more efficient at fishing in the grass. The first key for me is all about the frog bite; with the upcoming SPRO Frog Tournament set for October 7 2017 my first tip is all about fishing a frog. There is no better presentation than pulling a SPRO frog over the top of the grass.

The important concept that most fisherman do not realize is the frog bite is an easy bait to determine if the bass are eating it or not. In a short 20 minute period you can determine the fate of your frog. Bass generally strike it quickly if they are in that mood if not put it down and move on. It is also true that the bass change sometimes hourly as to what mood there in; keeping a SPRO frog loaded ready to go on your deck can be the difference in a good day and slow one. Many times just seeing a little activity around a grass edge and having your frog easily accessible gives that leg up to make a few casts and can lead to a boat full of good fish in a short period of time.

Let your senses lead you around grass, many times there are noises liking brim popping and eating bugs off the grass, when this occurs the bass are also there. Bait fish becomes the key to determining the fate of an area, if there is no bait fish moving around in the area your fishing then there is a good chance that the bass are not there either. I know many of you have pulled up to a spot and said man this looks and smells fishy don't under estimate this 6th sense if an area of grass has that fishy look it probably is and at least deserves your attention for some period of time.

Lastly depth and depth change can be a big factor around grass; bass hang out where they feel save and depth change has a lot to do with that. If your fishing over the top of grass and it's consistently around 6 ft. deep and then you find a change of depth in that area you might have just found a honey hole.

Use your senses be observant and search areas quickly and you will be a better grass fisherman.

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