Rambling Around the Fishing Industry

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 01/22/2017

Rambling Around the Fishing Industry

As the pros prepare for the 2017 season the fishing industry is in deep need of a jump start; as I see it from my recent experience at boat shows and talking with fishing industry guru's it appears we need something new to bring interest back for boat show attendance. I have been attending and helping at boat shows for nearly 20 years this has been the worst attendance I can ever remember. It's time for some creative minds to pull a Donald Trump and make boat shows "great again." The industry needs to look at everything from the cost of attendance to the displays and create some excitement for the boating industry.

It's also evident that the tackle industry is going through some tough times; consolidation of companies, new ideas, baits and presentation of the products are in my mind at an all-time low. The excitement that used to surround the fishing industry is gone and it will see a decline not only in sales but in attendance from fishing to tournaments and all if creativity is not sought out to change the industry.

The sad part is that every lake from coast to coast is changing, catching is tough everywhere we have conditioned fish especially fresh water fishing to ignore most baits making a day on the water tough for the best of the fisherman. I hear from fisherman all over the country it's a struggle to catch fish at most lakes, bass, crappie most of the sporting fish are just not responding to baits the way they use too; making a day on the water different, challenging and expensive. The cost of having a good time for many of us coupled with the challenge of just catching enough to justify it is seemingly out of range for many folks today.

Take the challenges and add the fact that bass boats, can bring a healthy price tag of 60 plus thousands of dollars and more to own your rig is just changing what today's fisherman is challenged with; mark my words the fishing industry is at a cross road! Only the most creative and best will survive the next decade in fishing!

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