Regimented Big Bass Habits

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 12/21/2017

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Regimented Big Bass Habits

Winter is big bass time of year and understanding their habits and regiments are a big part of finding those big females. While we all dream of that big bass it takes some studying of your lake to find the big fish; habits of big bass are similar and winter can be rewarding.

The common thread is that winter is big fish time of year but it’s not easy and the elements take a toll on your ability to concentrate; things like wind, cold and boredom can be tough on the mind so prepare before you hit the water. Big bass are like us old folks we like routines, we like to eat at the same time every day, we feel safe in certain environments like at home and we go do our daily things about the same time every day. Big bass are no different, there is a reason they got big and older and because it’s served those well and studies show they continue to be routine oriented because it got them to this point and there is no need to change.

Even though it’s winter most of the grass lakes still have plenty of cover until the grass pulls away from the bottom in late winter; placing the biggest fish  in and around the thickest cover. Most none grassy lakes generally have good bottom structure like rock or stumps placing the big fish around the thickest of the hard structure. The pre planning for this thick cover or structure can be one key to having a successful day; take your map and put together a plan based on this thick cover concept and stick to it as the day goes on. This will save you from having to rethink your day when you are fighting the winter elements. Have enough spots to target based on about 30 minute stops at each place for your fishing day. Pre-plan some areas that also hold suspending fish as many times up in the day their home is suspending in deeper water over structure.

Lastly big bass like big baits, I have said this for many years I have proved this for many years and using big profile baits will get that big bite. Yes it many times eliminates the smaller fish, but if your mind set is that big female have enough fortitude to stay with big baits until you get rewarded with that big bite. This patience and persistence will reward you for your efforts and results will pay off at some point during the day.

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