Summer Time Tricks

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 08/12/2018

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Some Summer Time Tricks

With the heat, lake of oxygen for the fish and just mainly uncomfortable days the heat of the summer can be torture but there are some tricks to make life a little easier out there this time of year. It just takes a little thought and preparation to make it more pleasant to be out there in August.

The first thing is to get on the water at first light, it’s so much more pleasant early in the morning; I realize it’s tough on some folks’ schedule but once you get going it’s worth it. Also, the fish always bite early in the morning so that old saying “the early bird gets the worm,” is very true.  Carry a towel with you, wetting a towel and wrapping it around your neck when its hot brings down your body temperature and makes it much easier to overcome the intense heat of August. You will be surprised how having a wet towel around your neck changes your mood on the water during these dog days of August. Not only do you get relief from the heat physically, but the mental relief is just as strong and allows you to focus on the bite.

I kid around with my customers about turning on the air-conditioning but cranking the motor and moving to another location to get a little wind in your face can really help your body and give you just enough relief to make the day more pleasant. It’s certainly no joking matter and we hear it all the time, but it’s very true drink plenty of liquids, they hydrate your body and help keep you from getting heat stroke and headaches caused from the intensity of the sun.

Lastly focus on your bites it’s a known fact catching fish helps the day become more pleasant so if you don’t miss your bites catching gives you that mental relief that can change your day and certainly your mood. Catching cures many things so if you put your bites in the boat it just changes the negative of the obstacles into positives and makes your day! Lastly have fun, fishing is a sport that should be fun, if you make it fun it will be.

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