Thanksgiving Fishing Psalm

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 11/06/2017

Thanksgiving Fishing Psalm

As we approach Thanksgiving I always look for the positives of the past fishing year with the intent of thanking those who influenced my life and my fishing career. No matter who you are or how much or how little you achieved at anything you set your life to accomplish we have all had people, companies and situations that molded your life and affected your career. The affect wasn’t always what I thought it would be but many have help mold my fishing career and I would like to thank them.

No one achieves anything in any career without their partner being supportive and for me my wife has always sat back and pushed me to be successful regardless of what it was I was working toward. How could anyone ask for more as I get up day after day and head to the water she sits backs and hopes for great results so my customers are happy and I end the day I come home feeling good about my-self. My customers always make my day, when you get on the water everyday see the smiles and anticipation of those in the boat with you it’s a feeling that you just cannot explain; it calms my nerves, makes my day and gives me hope for the future that all of us that enjoy the outdoors band together in a common bond that sets the outdoor lovers apart as a cult. This gathering of “love-a-likes,” sees life differently as we chase our dream of that record fish or great tug-a-war with a monster bass.

I would be remise if I didn’t thank the many sponsors who over the years that not only helped me financially with their support but became friends, neighbors or buddies over time. People just like you and me that became concerned for my future, my health and my well-being as they steadfastly stayed course and supported me through my career as a fishing guide over these many years of chasing my fishing dreams. Tight-Line jigs Charles Clemens, Punisher Lures Stephen Headrick, Dawson Boat Center Greg Dawson, Clarion Newspaper Scott Aldrich, and Lowrance Electronics Mark Sullivan, SPRO Corp. Syd Rives, Duckett Fishing and Frank Sargeant, are just a few, but have been behind and supporting me for nearly 20 years. My more recent partners are not to be over-looked as many have put their support and company behind me. This Psalm this Thanksgiving is about you the many who molded my career and life and I give thanks for you as I consider you all my extended family!

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