The 3 Most useful Fishing Knots

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 09/19/2016

The Three Most useful Fishing Knots

It's always a topic on my boat as to which fishing knot do I use and why is one better than the other. Well like everyone else I have my opinion and try to share my thoughts with customers when they ask. To me the right knot begins with the type of fishing line you're using; with today's advanced lines I believe you have to fit the knot to the type of line.

I always start my knot tying thoughts with one thing in mind how can I quickly retie so my customer down time is short and I can get them back in the water. With this being my objective I start with a Uni-Knot as my base for everything I am going to tie; its quick, it's simple to tie and it is a knot that is constantly pulling tighter as it gets fishing pressure from a fish pulling. I like that fact, allowing me to feel comfortable that the knot will not pull through when you're pulling in a fish.  The biggest key is to make sure you wet the line before you pull it tight, today's line will get hot when the knot is tightened and burn the line without wetting it.

Next is the Palomar knot; because I use braided line for some of my presentations I fish, this knot survives the entire slip test for braid. There is probably no fishing line that pulls through your knot like braid and the only knot I have found that will just not pull through is the Palomar knot when securing braid to a hook.  The reason is simple your locking the line in by doubling the line through the eye of the hook and wrapping it around the hook where it just cannot pull through. The knot is strong effective and works on any size braid from 20 to 65 lb. test.

Lastly we have to be able to secure two lines together; like securing a braid to fluorocarbon; when you do this there is one glaring problem. The size of the knot gets big and interferes with many of the micro guide on today's rods. Hence the FG Knot is by far the best I have seen; it allows the line to stay thin and lay's down on your reel and is easily paired with spinning gear. Look these knots up; learn to tie them and you become a better fisherman.

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