The Advantage of the cold weather

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 01/07/2018

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There is an Advantage to this Cold Weather

With the many hours of below freezing temperatures we are having; out side of the tough physical conditions it imposes on us there is an advantage. Believe or not it’s not all bad, yes, it’s cold, yes, its physically demanding and it will probably slow what bite we had prior to the sever cold for some period-of-time. However, it is not all bad!

There are a few advantages that we will see from these colder than usual temperatures, the first thing will be is the bass will group up in large schools of fish and when you find them they will compete for your lure. Bass are very much homers when the water temperature turns cold; some of the best days I have ever had on this lake is the coldest of the winter days. In February of 2013 I had a guy catch three fish within 100 ft. of each other that weighed in at more than 34 lbs. All within a few minutes of the original bite, the fish were together they competed for the lure and my customer benefitted from one of the coldest days on the water we had that year. In 2003 I found some fish on the edge of a creek with a guy that before it was all over we ended up with 30 fish over 5 lbs. that were all within less than a 100 ft. of each other, and occurred in about an hour time frame. That doesn’t count the numerous numbers we caught that were smaller fish. Both days occurred during a wintery cold spell in those time frames mentioned.

You can also count on some sizable shad kill caused by the extreme cold water, if this continues over the next few days there will be thousands of shad that will not survive the cold water. This will deplete the lake from a large amount of predator food for the bass and will cause them to be more aggressively feeding on artificial baits. Every year in the past that we have had big shad kills from extreme cold water we have seen some of the best March or pre-spawn fishing we have ever had. The bass are more aggressive, their fighting for a lack of shad as a food source and the fisherman will benefit with more bites and numbers and size.

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