The Fall Jig bite

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 09/18/2017

The Fall Jig Bite

With the fall upon us the grass will slowly erode away opening up some ditches and roadbeds to more bait that can be dragged or swam over the areas that just a few weeks ago were stuck in thick grass. With this to me gives you several options to fish a football jig with techniques that will catch big fish.

Many fishermen just don’t realize how versatile a football jig can be; you can fish it over grass by downsizing the weight and swim it just like swim baits. The football head on the pause drops quickly and attracts bites as the up and down motion of the bait during the retrieve is deadly. There may not be a better slow retrieve bait for the fall than the football jig, its profile mimics crawfish better than any bait on the market and around rocky areas it’s a fish catching machine. Another and more traditional presentation is just crawling it along the bottom, as the fall progresses the water temperature change moves the bass to the rocky areas sometimes for the cooling water and many times as the warming water as the weather changes. Working a football jig by crawling it on the rocky bottom areas is a great way to win a fall tournament as it is by far one of the best big fish baits ever made.

Trailers are a big part of what makes a football jig the ideal bait as you can change the profile of the bait by changing the trailer. You can go big and give the bait a massive look under water which many times eliminates small bites for the tournament fisherman or you can down size your trailer and create that swim profile making it more sleek and easier to swim around fall targets.

Although color is not always the deciding factor matching the main forage in your lake is key, too many of us that fish a football jig. On Guntersville the fall is a time of year where it’s loaded with bluegill and shad so a mixture of blues, browns and watermelon seems to be one of the best combinations available. Technique, color, retrieve are the difference makers for football jigs and the fall is an ideal time to test it.

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