The Florida Mullet Run

Author: Captain Michael Grimm | Posted: 11/12/2018

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The Mullet Run
The Mullet Run

Every fall an epic migration of baitfish, Mullet - take to the beaches and head South.  Usually the first cold front triggers them to get on the move in September or October.

As they make their way down the beaches, the use "Safety In Numbers" to form large pods as they try to keep away from predators.

Spinner Sharks, Blacktip Sharks, Tarpon, Snook and more all take aim at these moving pods as easy meals and it is literally happening just feet off the sand.

I re-arrange my schedule schedule each year to be sure I get the opportunity to fish it or just look at it when they make their way South.

Once they get to South Florida, the sexually mature fish will head offshore and the fertized eggs will get carried into the northerly currents of the gulfstream in which the cycle will happen all over again next year.

I got up the drone to get a look at just how many predators and bait fish there was and I was shocked at what I saw.

Millions of mullet making their way South with sharks and tarpon all over them.  They break into seperate pods and then re-join as they are ambushed.

It was absolutely incredible to see and I hope you enjoy the video.

Tight Lines,

Captain Mike



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