The Pattern of Patterns

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 03/21/2018

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The Patterns of Patterns

With all the constant change that occurs on our lakes during the spring its good to have a pattern that addresses all the confusion that the fish go through, and it takes some of the guess work out of this constant change.

I know its not easy to adapt as I struggle with it myself but if you look to some basic principals of fishing and location change as the water levels change, the current stops or the temperature takes a plunge there is one constant. That being main points that open-up to the original river on your lake. These areas have it all as you can work every possible pattern by taking different angles and depths around points. The biggest example of this is the pure fact of depth, it is a common fact that bass like to hang on the edges in the pre-spawn; that said main points offer all the change needed to allow the bass to re-locate without moving far as the natural elements change the fish locations.

If the bass are laying in the shallowest part of a main point they are going to be very aggressive and fishing from the deeper edge to the top is a great way to find those aggressive fish. However, changes in the daily obstacles many times moves the bass as cold nights, current, lack of current or bait position can easily change where the bass are on this point. You must try the many angles and positions the main point offers you if your going to find the fish. The good news is main points allow the bass to move short distances and for you to explore all the possibilities without moving a lot.

You can explore all the possibilities by just trying to move around the point from the top to the bottom; you can fish deep to shallow, shallow to the deep, work the edges for the depth change or fish across, or with the current making an easy move around the point. Making these moves around a point gives you a pattern as soon as you catch your first fish. It allows you to determine where the fish are located as it relates to current, depth and the aggressiveness of the fish, giving many times a pattern for the day to guide you to more fish.

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