the Right Depth

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 04/18/2018

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Focus on the Right Depth

As we approach the post spawn time of year, there will be many changes in where the bass locate and focusing on the depth they move too will be a key to finding post spawn fish. It’s a time of year that can really frustrate many fishermen especially if they come from lakes that are so deep that their back ground has them banging the banks.

When you move to shallower lakes banging the banks in most cases cannot be effective, so you must focus on off-shore locations. Off-shore fishing is very different, and depth can be the key to catching fish; electronics can be your only friend so sharpen up your electronic skills. Scanning bottom structure with your Lowrance Structure Scan can be your best bet to winning the off-shore battle; understanding what bass look like on your screen is imperative, finding bait is a must and combining this with depth is key.  

One of the best ways to start are to find long under water points and humps that offer plenty of depth change out in the middle of what many might say is no-where in your lake. These under water depth changes are the key to finding the proper depth to catch fish from. Scan these points or humps from one end to the other cross them back and forth until you see bass holding on them; If you locate some fish off the long points and humps make a mental note as to the depth, set your Navionics mapping or fishing depth at that depth range and you have the start of a pattern. Once you have this set you can easily locate other similar depth ranges as the coloring on your mapping will easily show you the other areas and contours of these depth ranges. Bass generally locate all over the lake in similar depths, the reason is not clear, my guess is its oxygen, current and structure related as this moves them to these common depths. This allows you to find more fish, in more areas with similar structure and find fish all day long.

Depth is key in off-shore fishing, giving yourself the tools and knowledge to be effective is also a fact of off-shore winning patterns.

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