The Swim Jig

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 03/05/2018

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The Swim Jig

With the evolution of baits every year some become more popular than others but nothing in the last many years has taken off like the swim jig; there are some very good reasons. Popular baits come and go but this one is hanging around with some really-good proven techniques that are winning tournaments and making the weekend angler take notice.

The versatility of a swim bait has become one of the most popular aspects of this bait, not only does it catch fish, but it gives you the flexibility to fish it under many different conditions and it produces. When the fish are active a swim jig is a great bait to fish around grass and move over the top of cover, it can be dropped and paused to fall in holes and its easy to maintain contact with under all conditions. Slow it down during those high-pressure days and you have a different presentation that allows you to shake it in front of lethargic fish until they can’t stand it. These are just a few of the presentations at your finger tips that allow you to make this bait one of the most popular baits in decades. The truth is swim jigs are only limited by your imagination and for many of us that makes its it easy to find a way to make it work for you.

The swim jig is also a bait that because you can purchase it in several sizes and weight heads that also adds to its versatility. You can fish it shallow by just going with a lighter weighted head and you have a great bait to skip and utilize around docks or heavy wood cover. Increase the weight head to an oz. or more and you can take it to your deepest hole and slow roll it down to 20 ft. or more. Change trailer size and you change the movement of the jig, flappy ears make it vibrate more and swim baits make it look more consistent like a bait fish moving around. The truth is as I stated this bait has no limits and your imagination is the key to giving it versatility. Let your mind wander and become a proficient swim bait guru and you will reap the benefits!

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