Use Copper Wire To Make A Drop Back Release Clip For Big Game Fishing

Author: Captain Michael Grimm | Posted: 12/03/2018

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Big Mahi Caught Using Drop Back
Big Mahi Caught Using Drop Back

Getting the perfect hookset on a big game fish such as a mahi, tuna, wahoo, sailfish, marlin and more is key to catching more fish.  Most anglers try to set the hook too early, which is why we use circle hooks where the hook does all the work.

However, many anglers fish circle hooks diferently.  I like to fish a circle hook using "drop back" when the fish eats the bait.  This means that the fish has time to eat the entire bait before feeling any pressure of the fishing line.  When I feel the fish run with the bait, I count to 3 and close the bail.  The drag will start screaming and I'll slowly raise the rod tip without "SETTING THE HOOK".   If you jerk and try to set the hook, you will most likely lose the fish.  The ciricle hook is already perfectly placed in the corner of the mount of the fish and all you have to do is reel.

You can make a drop back release clip using a piece of copper wire.  I have many uses for copper wire so it is advised that you keep plenty on your boat.  In a previous video, I showed you how to rig a live ballyhoo and I use the coppper wire for many other purposes as well.

1 . Simply wrap the copper wire around the Rod handle or Reel base and make a few twist to secure it.

2. With the opposite tag end, bend it back until you form a loop and then use that lopp as a crank and twist until you have no tag end left.

3. Lastly bend back the doubled wire to form a hook for your line to sit into.  

4. Place your fishing line into the hook with your bail open.  When the fish strikes it will pull right out of this copper wire and the line will freely flow off your reel allowing the fish to eat the bait.

5. Count to three and close your bail with the rod tip pointed at the fish.  Slowly raise your rod tip and fish on!

Using this method is the highest hookup ratio when fishing live bait.  If you are fishing really big live baits, then you will need to let the fish eat a bit longer.

Circle hooks are convervation.  You will rarely gut hook a fish and you are able to release fish in a healthier condition.

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