Versatile Frog Fishing

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 06/13/2016

Frogs Can be Versatile

When most of us think about frog fishing we move our thoughts to fishing heavy grass in the fall of the year; good decision but there are many more great places to fish a frog and it is not only a fall bait.  The variety of ways, places and timing to frog fishing are wide and if you choose different patterns you can have great success and certainly lots of fun.

One presentation many of us really don't consider is dock fishing with a frog; SPRO frogs are very well balanced and skipping them under and around docks can be a great way load the boat with some really good fish. I know many anglers have trouble fishing docks just because they don't do it a lot; a frog however skips very easily and getting placement where you need it is much easier than trying to skip a heavy jig or worm. The frog to begin with is made to float so the skipping technique is just a simple flick of the wrist and it will easily place that frog up under a dock with very little effort. Getting your bait in hard to place locations can be the key to getting big bites around docks and a frog is a great way to do it.

Frogs can also be great open water top water baits especially the popper style frog; you actually get more casting distance because SPRO frogs are weighted in exactly the right place allowing you to cast it much farther than a traditional pop-r. Generally pop-r is light in weight and the wind really affects your ability to move that bait a good distance off the end of your rod. I have also found that you can move a frog faster in most cases than a traditional pop-r allowing you to entice schooling fish with fast presentations of your bait.

I know many of us get frustrated when fish bank cover, your bait gets hung up more times than not and becomes aggravating to fish. A frog on the other hand is easily placed around bank cover like laydowns and rock and shoreline weed. You can just about end your frustrations by fishing a frog around all kinds of shoreline cover and get some really good fish while doing it. Put your traditional baits down; pick up a frog and change your luck!

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