Back in Central Florida Fishing Report

2015-09-05 07:40:08
Orlando, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Indian River Lagoon, Atlantic Ocean, St. Johns River

Back in Central Florida Fishing Report

Two weeks ago in my last fishing report I wrote, "I am taking a bye week next week. No fishing will happen because of travel, unpacking, reunion with family and friends, and sorting through all the business that I've ignored for the past three months. See you in two weeks!"

Those two weeks are up and here we are again! And it is good to be home!

After returning home, some time was spent unpacking. One of the things that had to be unpacked was a cooler full of frozen fish, both salmon and halibut. I smoked some salmon, and made a side of gravlax Both turned out deliciously!

The boats had to be cleaned up and re-stocked, made ready to fish. That job was finished on Monday for the Mitzi.

Tuesday morning found me launching the boat on the Indian River Lagoon. The first order of business was to see if any big tarpon were around. There were none that I could find. I did find some little ones and got a bite on a DOA CAL shad tail, which was missed. I don't know if he missed or I did, but at any rate there was no hookup.

That same shad tail also accounted for four redfish (all low-end slot fish) and one seatrout. There were reasonable numbers of fish, although they were very spooky. It was nice to pick right up again after being gone for three months, though.

Wednesday morning found the Mitzi being launched at Port Canaveral. If the parking lot was any indication there was not much going on. I ran south down the beach. The weather was awesome but the water was very dirty. Some mullet were in the surf south of the pier. There were a few big tarpon busting them at one place but it was scattered and quickly ended.

I went out to sea a bit and headed north. One quick school of tunny busted about a mile of the beach, a flurry that only lasted two or three seconds. All the way to Cape Canaveral that was all I saw.

Along the beach at the Cape the mullet were quite thick, enough so that I got the net out and caught some bait for future reference. There was nothing eating them other than pelicans that I could see.

The boat was back on the trailer at about 2 PM. I hadn't seen many fish and certainly didn't touch one.

Thursday was errand day.

Friday the Old Town went bass fishing on the St. Johns. It was slow, but I did get this fish on a popper:

Otherwise a half dozen yearlings was all I had to show for about five hours of searching and casting.

I try never to go off my property on Labor Day weekend, but I certainly hope you enjoy the time off, no matter what you choose to do.

And that is the back in central Florida Fishing Report from Spotted Tail.

Life is great and I love my work!


Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski 

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