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2015-10-22 08:26:02
Beach Haven, New Jersey - Saltwater Fishing Report
Inshore ocean

Although a real strong striped bass bite has not yet materialized off Beach Haven, the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are being kept busy with other targets as they await the linesiders.

There is a constant stream of baitfish passing by Long Beach Island making their way south. Right on their heels, and often in the midst, is an array of smallish fish feeding on these baitfish. The easiest way to locate these feeding fish is to look for the bird play.

Captain Carl Sheppard of the "Starfish" reports he fished recently with Nicholas Perello, one of the Association's junior mates, and his dad. Just off the Beach Haven water tower they ran into a school of fish under working birds. They caught unlimited spike weakfish and snapper bluefish casting into the boil. If they retrieved their jigs slowly they caught weakfish while using a faster retrieve produced bluefish. Also appearing at times cutting through the schools of shiners was a school of little tunny. They were up on top pushing water and making white water in their feeding frenzy. Nicholas put a diamond jig right in front of a false albacore which he hooked and played right to the boat. There was also a large bluefin tuna feeding in the bait but showed no interest in their lines.

Thursday, October 22, marked the re-opening of the black sea bass season. Since the season has been closed for several months, the first few weeks should produce some excellent results around inshore wrecks and artificial reefs.

Several of the captains of the BHCFA have received a supply of slot fish tags from the state for their customers to use. They should help in bringing some striper fillets home for dinner. Captain Carl notes he can't wait for the bass to arrive so he can start to use his tags up.

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Fish Species: Weakfish, bluefish, little tunny
Bait Used: None
Tackle Used: Small metal jigs
Method Used: Cast and retrieve
Water Depth: 20-45
Water Temperature: 61
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: 10-15

About The Author: Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Company: Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association

Area Reporting: Beach Haven-bay and ocean

Bio: I am a writer who will assemble the weekly reports for the association and submit them.

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