Blown Off the Water Freshwater Orlando Fishing Report

2015-10-24 07:40:50
Orlando, Florida - Freshwater Fishing Report
St. Johns River, Econlockhatchee

Blown Off the Water Freshwater Orlando Fishing Report

Some folks might think it's been windy this week. Fifteen to 20 from the east-northeast, every day! And it's supposed to continue into next week. This is the Blown Off the Water Orlando Fishing Report. It will have several parts!

Contest of Last Week-

The first person who told me 1) what this is, and 2) what it's doing, was Robert Ridgeway, who responded within 30 seconds of my sending last week's fishing report out to my subscribers.

The critter was a big manta ray. There were three of them doing barrel rolls through a big school of glass minnows about three miles off the beach at Cape Canaveral, feeding on the minnows. I had never seen this behavior before but apparently it's fairly common. There are you tube videos...

Do You Eat Gar?

Yes, the gar is a delicacy! And you can use the eggs to make your enemies ill! I'm not making this up, nor have I tried it. I just may try eating the fish (although they are kind of stinky), but will leave the eggs alone. Visit this link for more information...

Do You Eat Chowder?

At the upcoming Ocean Reef Beach Festival there will be a Chowder Cook-Off. The public (that's us!) decides who has the best stew. It sounds like a great time.

Visit this link for more information, clammer!

People Messing With Stuff

The Swiss Army Knife has gotten an upgrade! Can you believe people messed around with a classic outdoor icon? Actually, in this case it might be a good thing, because the re-designed knife looks awesome. Check it out at this link...

Show and Tell Seminars

For those who have enquired about the fishing seminars, first, thank you for your patience! This fall's seminars are scheduled for November 7 for the Mosquito Lagoon Show and Tell Fishing Seminar that takes place on the MINWR, and November 8 for the On-the-Water Show and Tell Fishing Seminar that takes place on the waters of the Mosquito Lagoon, in my Mitzi. Please see this link for more information-


Sunday morning I launched the Bang-O-Craft at CS Lee Park. It had not been run in months. It ran well, and even started again after I turned it off! WOW!!! I guess using that new-fangled non-ethanol gasoline really works, Maw!

I took a few casts without result, did not see any signs of piscatorial life. The wind was howling out of the northeast. The river is still quite high.

Tuesday- I brought the chariot in for its annual physical. Its rotator cuffs were shot. $1500 later they were as good as new. Wow, that hurt.

Wind still howling out of the northeast. Otherwise a beautiful day.

Wednesday- In spite of the forecast 15-20 mph winds I launched the kayak at my favorite bass pond. In deference to the wind I brought a Devil's Stick, I mean spinning rod, instead of the usual fly rod. It wouldn't have mattered.

I flailed the water with a variety of lures for almost six hours, and netted three yearling bass. In that breeze, even with the spin rod, fishing was difficult. At least the wind blew me back to the launch point.

Thursday- Although the gauge read 3.5, a good foot and a half higher than I like, I went to the Econ with two rods, one fly, one spin. Both were equally (in)effective.

The water may be higher than I like, but it was clean. I got several small bass and a few sunfish. I saw a large reptile, couldn't tell if it was a monster alligator or Godzilla.

It was somewhat easier fishing the river than the pond the previous day, although that may have been entirely psychological. There were many places that required my paddling downstream to move that way- the wind was coming up the river hard enough to blow me upstream against the current.

Friday- tired of fighting wind, my mind drifted back to something I wrote last week- "I should have brought a fishing rod because there were a few fish popping. I'll bet they don't see many anglers up there either." I went bicycle fishing at Hal Scott Park.

Catching was not fantastic. Fishing pretty much was. The Econ is tiny up there. I haven't fished such a small stream in a long time. And although I could hear the wind tearing through the treetops, down at ground level there was no wind at all. The only footprints I saw belonged to a variety of non-hominids.

Nearly crapped my pants when my foot almost came down on a big, thick-bodied snake. Very cool.

It's gorgeous up there, enough there will be occasional bicycle trips there again. And it was pretty nice not having to deal with a boat, especially in the wind.

And that is this week's Blown Off the Water Freshwater Orlando Fishing Report.

Life is great and I love my work!


Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski 

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