Fishing Reports by Guide John Kumiski

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Company: Spotted Tail Charter Service

Area Reporting: Florida's Space Coast

Bio: Guiding fly and light tackle anglers on Florida\'s Space Coast for over 20 years.

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Orlando Saltwater Fishing Report (10/14/2012)
[Orlando,FL] The water in the lagoon is slowly clearing. Fishing is definitely getting better!
Orlando Area Saltwater Fishing Report (9/30/2012)
[Orlando,FL] We explored lots of lagoon and beachfront area this week, looking for fish.
Indian River Lagoon FIshing Report (6/10/2012)
[Orlando,FL] We caught fish by sight fishing in spite of the clouds, winds, and rain!
Smokin Hot Banana River Trout Bite (6/02/2012)
[Orlando,FL] The trout bite is as good as I've seen in over 20 years. Get out there and take advantage of it!
Indian River/Mosquito Lagoon FIshing Report (5/27/2012)
[Orlando,FL] We had hot fishing this week in the lagoons, using both fly and spinning tackle
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (5/19/2012)
[Orlando,FL] Fishin report on the Mosquito Lagoon with a few words about the Jensen Beach area tossed in for good measure. Spice, if you will!
Mosquito Lagoon and Port Canaveral Fishing Report (4/08/2012)
[Orlando,FL] Fished in the Mosquito Lagoon, off the beaches, and in the Econlockhatchee River. Caught fish everywhere!
Mosquito Lagoon Port Canaveral Offshore Report (4/01/2012)
[Orlando,FL] Fishing this week in the Mosquito Lagoon and offshore from Port Canaveral was steady, if unspectacular.
Mosquito Lagoon- Banana River Lagoon Fishing Report (3/27/2012)
[Orlando,FL] Seatrout and redfish are still biting in the lagoons.
An Awesome Week- Mosquito Lagoon and Port Canaveral Fishing Report (3/04/2012)
[Orlando,FL] An awesome week of fishing just happened on Florida's Space Coast, only an hour's drive from Orlando and Disney World!
Windy Weather Hampers Fishing- Orlando Area Fishing Report (2/26/2012)
[Orlando,FL] High winds caused cancelled fishing several days this week just past. When we did get out fishing was good!
Hot Fishing This Week- Mosquito Lagoon- Banana River Lagoon Fishing Report (2/19/2012)
[Orlando,FL] Rampaging Redfish attacked flies without hesitation this week (slight exaggeration there). Seatrout even more aggressive.
Banana River Lagoon Fishing Report (2/12/2012)
[Orlando,FL] We experienced some outstanding fishing this week on Florida's Banana River Lagoon.
Banana River-St. Johns River-Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (2/05/2012)
[Orlando,FL] I fished six days this week, on three different bodies of water. We caught fish everywhere we went. Life is GREAT!
Cold, then Hot, on Mosquito Lagoon- Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (1/28/2012)
[Orlando,FL] Some days is bad. Some days is good. Some days is Spec-TAC-u-lar! This week had all three kinds.
Banana River Lagoon Fishing on Fire! (1/21/2012)
[Orlando,FL] Winter fishing is in full swing and it's been pretty darned good in booth the Mosquito Lagoon and the Banana River Lagoon
Another Awesome Week- Banana River- Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (1/14/2012)
[Orlando,FL] Outstanding Fishing Continues on central Florida's lagoons
New Year's Fishing Roars In- Banana River- Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (1/10/2012)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The new year kicks off with some awesome fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon and the Banana River Lagoon.
Shad and Crappie Derby Kicks Off- Indian River/Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (12/18/2011)
[Orlando,FL] mixed results were obtained in fishing the lagoons this week. one day was really good, the next not so much. read the report for details...
Indian River Lagoon Water Slowly Clearing- Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report (12/12/2011)
[Orlando,FL] Dr. George Yarko and I had a wonderful day fishing redfish this week just past.
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Demanding a Full Day's Work (12/04/2011)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] the few fish on the flats this week demanded a full day's work in order to get a couple
Good Redfishing This Week- Indian River/Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (11/15/2011)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The water is dropping and clearing in the lagoons. The redfish are responding by feeding.
Port Canaveral Fishing Report and more (9/18/2011)
[Port Canaveral,FL] mullet are running didn't find many fish
Orlando Shad Fishing- Orlando area fishing report 2/5/11 (2/06/2011)
[Orlando,FL] Reporting from the Mosquito Lagoon AND the beautiful St. Johns River in sunny and warm central Florida!
Orlando Kayak Fishing- Orlando area fishing report 1/30/11 (1/30/2011)
[Orlando,FL] Orlando Kayak Fishing- Orlando area fishing report 1/30/11 The Report from Spotted Tail 1/30/11
bad weather; redfish and seatrout- Orlando area fishing report 1/23/11 (1/23/2011)
[Orlando,FL] one afternoon of kayak fishing put a smile on his face all week
more big black drum- Orlando area fishing report (1/16/2011)
[Orlando,FL] big blacks still tailing in nmz reds and blacks in mosquito lagoon
a canoe on the roof; do you want me to pee on that? (12/19/2010)
[Orlando,FL] The Report from Spotted Tail 12/19/10 in this issue Stats 101 Flynutt Johnson Minnow Fishing Report Fly Contest
sudden death to his prey; Kevin wanted that fish! (12/12/2010)
[Orlando,FL] The Report from Spotted Tail 12/11/10 in this issue Tammy's Story New Website Fishing Tip Fishing Report Fly Contest
the most public organ; i mean who is posting* (12/05/2010)
[Orlando,FL] The Report from Spotted Tail 12/5/10 in this issue i mean who is posting* lives of a cell fishing conference fly rod leaders fishing report Monthly Contest
gremlins loosed again; stuffed redfish on the fire (11/28/2010)
[Orlando,FL] in this issue Shuttle gremlins again Thanksgiving wrap-up fishing report Monthly Contest
orlando fishing, Klingons have no sense of humor; eat more mullet (11/21/2010)
[Orlando,FL] a humorous and humorless look at today's world of fishing by the inimitable author of Redfish on the Fly, Capt. John Kumiski
the trolling motor is off the boat; I forgot it could be that good (11/15/2010)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] bonefish census, kayak fishing, winter redfish, castalia flyrods, more on smoking fish, and blogging too
Shuttle Launch Scrubbed; Why Not Election? (11/06/2010)
[Orlando,FL] in this issue space shuttle new kayak book the election chiggers cold weather the fishing smoking cobia again
Smoking Cobia! Reds on Johnson! (10/30/2010)
[Orlando,FL] events in the mosquito lagoon and key west from the past week. Johnson SIlver Minnows and Dupre Spoonflies. Flies for Spanish mackerel
Hot Indian River Redfish Bite 10/12 (10/12/2010)
[Orlando,FL] Big redfish on fly this week in IRL. Atlantic bite very very slow, in spite of bait run.
Reds nailing Gold Spoons in Mosquito Lagoon (9/25/2010)
[Orlando,FL] The Johnson Minnow continues to work magic on Mosquito Lagoon redfish.
orlando area saltwater report 9/18 (9/18/2010)
[Orlando,FL] lots of bait along beaches; redfish in the lagoons
Hot Keys Dolphin Fishing (6/06/2010)
[Florida Keys,FL] Capt. Chris Barth on the hunter takes us to the dolphin
Fishing report week of May 23, indian river lagoon (5/31/2010)
[Orlando,FL] fish biting better in irl and mosquito lagoon
Orlando Fishing Reports, Anticipating Tarpon (5/01/2010)
[Orlando,FL] fishing or not this week in east central florida. anticipating tarpon. mourning the oil spill. deer still ravaging the garden.
orlando area fishing report 4/25 (4/25/2010)
[Orlando,FL] finicky fish frustrating fly fishermen in mosquito lagoon
Orlando Area report, 4/11/10 (4/11/2010)
[Titusville,FL] a variety pack of fishing trips throughout the east central Florida area this week!
Orlando Fishing - Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (4/04/2010)
[Orlando,FL] crowds of anglers on the mosquito lagoon
Big Redfish In No Motor Zone Fly Fishing From Kayak (3/07/2010)
[Cocoa Beach,FL] fly fishing from a kayak was the ticket for some big fish this week.
Yakking to Reds on the Mosquito Lagoon (2/28/2010)
[Titusville,FL] When the fishing gets tough, the tough go paddling
Cold and Windy but Fish Still There (2/15/2010)
[Orlando,FL] summary of fishing this week on the mosquito lagoon
Mosquito Lagoon report 1/32 (1/31/2010)
[Titusville,FL] lots of reds and trout in shallow water in the mosquito lagoon
Cold Fish are not Hungry (1/17/2010)
[Titusville,FL] Below freezing temperatures have lowered the water temperatures and has reds and trout in a funk
Windy Weather SUpressing Lagoon FIshing (11/08/2009)
[Titusville,FL] It's been blowing! The wind had made fishing difficult. We bravely went fishing anyway, and actually caught some fish!
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