Fishing Reports by Captain Jot Owens

About The Author:

Company: Jot It Down Fishing Charters LLC

Area Reporting: Southeast NC Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington

Bio: Captain Jot Owens, IV, born and raised in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, has been fishing the waters of the Cape Fear, Masonboro Sound and the North Atlantic Ocean for thirteen years. He began his career at the age of 15 commercial fishing for Grouper and King Mackerel. After the experience in commercial fishing, he began working as a Mate on a charter boat that specialized in offshore fishing for King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, tuna, Wahoo and billfish. During this time he made offshore rigs and prepared baits for the charters. In 2000, Jot began work as a Mate on The Fortune Hunter. During the six years Jot worked as a Mate, he was working towards his Captain�s license. In February 2002, he achieved his goal of obtaining his Captain�s license. Since this time, Jot has been the Master and Captain of the Fortune Hunter Too, fishing for trout, Red Drum, Flounder, Cobia, Tarpon and many other species. Today Captain Jot runs his own boat; the (Jot It down). Captain Jot enjoys everyday he is on the water and brings his passion for fishing to his customers by teaching new techniques and providing knowledge about the many different species of fish found on the East Coast. He looks forward to sharing with you the many fishing techniques that he is so passionate about.

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Big Trout are biting; more are on the way to Wrightsville Beach, NC (11/17/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Colder temps on the way= bigger trout on the way!
The Specks and Graya are Biting around Wrightsville Beach, NC (11/03/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Great Fall Trout fishing is here, the fishing will get better as the water temps drop!
Fall Fishing is Hot Around Wrightsville Beach NC (10/20/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fall is here and so is the great fishing!!!
The Air is Cooling Down; Fishing is Heating up Around Wrightsville Beach (10/06/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fall temps falling,fishing keeps heating up!!
Good ole' Fall Fishing Around Wrightsville Beach NC (9/22/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fall Fishing is starting up around southeast NC!
Fishing is Good around Wrightsville Beach, NC and Hanna is Gone! (9/07/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Hanna is gone and the water is clearing up. Fishing should get better in no time at all!!
Grays, Flounder and Bull Reds are biting in Southeast NC (8/25/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fall fishing is starting to show, fishing will pick up more and more!
Great Nearshore Fishing Around Wrightsville Beach, NC (8/10/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] There is some great fishing just off the beach of Wrightsville!
Great Mid-Summer Bite Around Wrightsville Beach, NC (7/28/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Great mid summer fishing around the beach and just off shore. Light tackle and fly fishing.
Tarpon, Sharks and Reds Wrightsville Beach, NC Summer Trend! (7/14/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Light Tackle and fly fishing has really picked close to the beach!
Redfish, Flounder and Sheephead biting around Wrightsville Beach, NC (7/01/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Good Redfish bite around for the last two weeks!
Hot Weather = Hot Fishing Around Wrightsville Beach, NC > Cobia (6/16/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Cobia, Spanish and King mackerel biting in good numbers aroud the beach!
Cobia, Reds, Flounder, Spanish and King Mackerel; Summer Fishing! (6/02/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Summer fishing is here, warmer weather = Better fishing!
Productive Mixed Bag Around Wrightsville Beach NC (5/20/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Good mixed bag fishing, a lot of different fish to chase in the area.
Great Light Tackle Fishing Around Wrightsville Beach NC (5/08/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Great fishing just off the beach. More fish showing up everyday with this nice weather!
Nice weather = Trout, Flounder, Red fish and Blues (4/25/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The Weather is getting better and better, and the fishing is picking up too!
Winds and Fish, sometimes you get both! (4/15/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Winds and the fish are biting around here. But the forecast looks good!
Fresh and Salt (4/07/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The Fresh and Saltwater fish are biting around Wilmington NC.
Redfish bite picks up at Wrightsville Beach NC (3/26/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The water is warming up and the fishing is picking up!
Early warm water temps=Good early fishing in Wrightsiville Beach NC (3/17/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The weather is warming up in Southeast North Carolina. The fishing is doing the same thing!
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