Fishing Articles by Captain Woody Gore

Winter Wade Fishing (11/26/2013)
[Flats Fishing] It's that time of the year when we get those negative tides; you know the ones I'm talking about, where you can barely get the boat off the trailer. So for you adventurist types, break out the waders and hit those shallow water flats.
Redfish + Light Tackle = Awesome Action (11/02/2009)
[Saltwater Fishing] Fishing for Redfish is one of the most exciting things you\'ll ever do as an angler. These drag screaming thugs can certainly test your measure as an angler.
Dangerous Trailers... They're Out There! (7/05/2009)
[Trailering] When it's time to hitch up the trailer and go… you hitch up and go. But do you really understand what you\'re doing when you\'re dragging all that weight around behind you?
Not Just Another Pretty Face (1/17/2009)
[Flats Fishing] Spotted Sea Trout are one of the most beautiful fish around and fishing for them in clear water is awesome. They really seem to light up when on the hook.
A Knot is Not Always a Loop Knot (1/17/2009)
[Flats Fishing] Knots have been around since man first tied a stone to a stick. But using a loop knot to tie on your lures and hooks give the bait more action.
Should You Kill It or Release It? (1/05/2009)
[Conservation] Kill it or release is often the question being considered today. Either way plan on it early. If you're releasing be ready and do it quickly.
Ethanol Gasoline Could Cause Damage (1/05/2009)
[Boating] The gasoline additive found in almost all gasoline purchased at local fuel facilities contain E-10 Ethanol. Recent problems identified by some boat owners have been linked back to this fuel type of fuel especially for older boats.
Second Hand Boats Can Mean Expensive Repairs (1/05/2009)
[Boating] Unlike the movie Second Hand Lions not all stories end on a positive note. Many time buyer looking for a good deal on a boat are unaware of severe structural damages until its too late.
Rule Changes Affect Inshore Anglers (1/05/2009)
[Regulations] It's important to keep up with changing laws and regulations. If not it could cost you.
Winter Fishing Tackle - Clean Up... (1/05/2009)
[Tackle] Every now and then on those cold winter mornings, its time to settle back in a warm garage and empty out that tackle box. Throw away rusty old tackle, hooks and the like and treat yourself to a few new items.
10 Percent of the Anglers - Catch 90 Percent of the Fish (5/29/2008)
[Saltwater Fishing] Probably the number one asked question by other anglers is... "How can I catch more and bigger fish?" However, what they are really asking is; "Can you help me to become a better angler?" If there is any truth to the opening statement on fish catching success, it's that most anglers are catching fewer fish.
Fishing Capital of the World (1/18/2008)
[Flats Fishing] With Florida being the fishing capital of the world it stands to reason that the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton and Sarasota areas would offer incredible inshore fishing action. Because its home to over 200 different species, anglers travel to Tampa Bay from around the world eager to take advantage of our unsurpassed fishing.
Sheephead Fishing (9/04/2007)
[Saltwater Fishing] A lesson well learned… Old timers and seasoned anglers sometimes get the idea they know everything about everything especially when it comes to fishing. Well guess what folks… that is not always true.
Cobia Fishing (9/02/2007)
[Saltwater Fishing] Anglers in the U.S. and around the world have their own names for different species of fish. However, while many different species having individual scientific names may belong to the same family, Cobia… scientific name (Rachycentron Canadum)