Good Wreck Fishing In Beach Haven

2013-10-09 17:22:28
Beach Haven, New Jersey - Saltwater Fishing Report
Inshore ocean

True fall fishing has not arrived in Beach Haven, despite the anticipation of the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. Although there is quite a bit of bait in the nearby waters, the temperatures remain too high for the striped bass and big bluefish that make fall exciting. A large northeast storm is poised to hit the New Jersey coast, and that might spark some movement of the fish.

Meanwhile, a couple of boats had some very good wreck fishing days recently.

Captain Tim Knorr had the "F/V William Knorr" out to two inshore wrecks in 75-feet of water and filled the box with porgies, sea bass, blowfish, and trigger fish. They also set up on several of the larger wrecks on the Barnegat Reef and did well there also. Captain Tim said the action was red hot for a 2 1/2 hour stretch during the incoming tide when it was almost impossible to get the baits to the bottom without getting bit almost immediately. The action later in the day as the tide turned and headed back out was also better than normal. After the morning run, they actually headed back in for more bait because the bait that usually lasts an entire day was gone in 3 hours. The anglers included the captain, his son and his first mate.

Captain John Lewis had the Newbern party out on the "Insatiable" to the reefs for a spectacular day of fishing. They brought home keeper sea bass, porgies, and large blowfish while also catching over 60 short sea bass in non-stop action.

Captain John Koegler had a group on the "Pop's Pride" fishing about 9 miles outside Little Egg Inlet for a day of trolling. They managed to catch 30 false albacore and 23 bonito. Captain John said it was good, steady action, and he was surprised at the large number of bonito they caught. He termed it one of his best days on these fish.

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Fish Species: Black sea bass, porgy, blowfish, bonito, false albacore
Bait Used: Clam and squid
Tackle Used: Medium weight bottom gear, light trolling outfits
Method Used: Anchored on reef and trolling for bonito
Water Depth: Varied
Water Temperature: 67
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: 5-10

About The Author: Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Company: Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association

Area Reporting: Beach Haven-bay and ocean

Bio: I am a writer who will assemble the weekly reports for the association and submit them.

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