Great fishing this week in Ft Lauderdale- Some really good catches

2015-05-13 11:10:18
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Offshore Fort Lauderdale

We're having an excellent week of fishing on our sportfishing and drift fishing trips. There are a lot of species out there biting and some big fish to be caught. Of course, every day is different so not every day is a banner day, but this is definitely one of our best times of year for fishing. First off, dolphin are out there and biting good. Trolling is a great way to go after dolphin as you can cover a lot of ground dragging lures around. We can try different depths, different fishing areas and look around for activity such as birds or fish busting on the surface. This week, scattered dolphin are biting just outside the reef and tunas are also popping up and mixed in with our catches. Yesterday we had Greg and his friends out fishing and caught a whole bunch of mahi-mahi dolphin, some tunas and a nice wahoo! A few nice wahoo are hitting the docks this week.

Some kingfish are also showing up on the reef, a VERY welcome sign. This year, kingfish have been unusually slow for us off the Fort Lauderdale coast. Kingfish are one of our "bread and butter" fish that make up a good portion of our catches. Well, over the past 2 weeks, we're seeing more and more kingfish biting. We're happy to see them and we're targeting them more and more on our drift and sport fishing trips. On the trip in the above photo, we started off trolling for kingfish on the reef and later came into the Intracoastal and did some inshore fishing where we caught that giant barracuda and jack crevale. Sweet catch!

Bottom fishing around the shipwrecks has also been very productive. This is the time of year the big amberjacks take over our local shipwrecks in a big way. Amberjacks are very aggressive and pounce on a bait seconds of within it coming into their view. Amberjacks don't let a live bait swim next to them for very long. Besides amberjacks, we also catch some other very nice species on the bottom around these underwater structures. Almaco jacks, groupers and cobia also inhabit these deep wrecks. Shipwrecks are great artificial reefs which hold some pretty big game fish and make for excellent fishing spots. Groupers just came into season last week after a 4 month closure. Also cobia are showing up this time of year and are a very fun fish to catch. You'll see us catching a lot of various bottom fish species over the next couple months. Thank you to everyone who has fished with us this week and good luck to everyone fishing with us in our upcoming trips. Good luck and I'll sea ya on the water!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Andy Roydhouse


Fish Species: mahi-mahi, wahoo, tuna, kingfish, cobia, grouper
Bait Used: ballyhoo, artificial lures, squid
Tackle Used: 30-50 shimano
Method Used: trolling, live baiting
Water Depth: 100-400ft
Water Temperature: 78-80
Wind Direction: east
Wind Speed: 10 knots
Nice catch of mahi-mahi, tunas and a wahoo
Nice catch of mahi-mahi, tunas and a wahoo

Nice cobia caught on our sportfishing charter
Nice cobia caught on our sportfishing charter

Andrew Roydhouse

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