Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - March wrap-up.

2018-03-31 23:16:47
Kona, Hawaii - Saltwater Fishing Report

Kona Hawaii Fishing Report – March wrap-up

March has always been one of my favorite months to fish. The water conditions really change in March. January and February are our rough water months. This January and February were pretty mild for sea conditions overall but those flat calm seas that start in March and continue throughout the summer just makes fishing a whole lot more fun.

The blue marlin bite was pretty good this month. The peak blue marlin season is the summer time so hopefully this is an indicator that this will be a good summer. Striped marlin season is winding down but we really didn't have a good run this year. We're in the peak spearfish season and although they were a bit scarce last month, they came back this month and were a pretty common catch.

 We're just now hitting mahi mahi season and I've been reporting for months that the mahi mahi has been good even though it's not the season for them. We should be seeing a lot more being caught over the next couple of months. Ono peak season is summer but the bite has already picked up on them. Ahi season is also just around the corner but the smaller ahi, under 100 lbs. are here already. Skipjack of all sizes are around.

The flat water this month made bottom fishing a lot more fun. Finding the fish was hard and not so much fun but when I did find where they were hiding, I did quite well catching them. We pulled up several amberjacks and a lot more almaco jacks. Usually I catch more sharks than jacks and that's because I'm usually using fresh tuna chunks for bait but lately I've been doing more speed jigging. Almaco jacks are a very aggressive fish and are more likely to attack a fast moving jig than anything else. Plus, my customers are usually looking for some fresh tuna to eat themselves so cutting up their dinner and throwing it back in the water sometimes doesn't go over too well.

See ‘ya on the water soon ,

Capt. Jeff Rogers ,



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