Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Oct. wrap-up.

2016-10-30 20:04:19
Kona, Hawaii - Saltwater Fishing Report

Kona Hawaii Fishing Report Oct. wrap-up.

Still no 1000 pound "Grander" marlin for Hawaii this year and November isn't known as a good grander month. In fact, the first November grander ever landed was just a couple of years ago in 2014. Could it be that Hawaii won't see any granders this year? It's starting to look like it but there's always a chance. October produced a few "beast" (500+) marlin but much like last month, there weren't a whole lot of fishing boats going out so the "fishing effort" like I mentioned in last months report has a lot to do with the low numbers of marlin being caught. The current has been running steady for most of the month so that hasn't been a factor.

Mahi mahi season has started just like it's supposed to. November is the peak part of the fall mahi mahi run so we'll be seeing more and more of those critters. The otaru tunas continued to be a good bite all month but the ahi were a little scarcer. I got lucky on one trip and found a floating chunk of net and with that, we filled the cooler with ahi, bigeye tuna and rainbow runner. There was a mahi mahi on it too but I couldn't get it to bite. I tried fishing ono lane on a few trips this month even though it's not ono season anymore. I was hoping to find a straggler and I did find just one.

The bottom bite is where I really scored on fish this October. Giant trevally season is just starting and I caught several of them along with a couple of bluefin trevally. The amberjack were biting too and as usual, sharks. One kind of shark that I haven't hooked up to yet this year is a tiger shark. The average tiger shark weighs around 1000 lbs. so a grander tiger is a more common catch than a grander marlin. This year the really big fish seem to be vacationing elsewhere.

See 'ya on the water soon ,

Capt. Jeff Rogers ,



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