Lady Pamela 2 Fort Lauderdale Florida March 25, 2012

2012-03-29 16:53:17
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Fort Lauderdale

March 25, 2011

Today Eric and a friend joined Chris and I for a six hour afternoon fishing charter. We picked up a dozen goggleyes on the way out and put the kites up in the air once we got to 350 feet of water. We set out one big dead bait and three live baits on the kites, plus two big shark baits, one at 150 feet under the surface and the other one on the bottom. During this initial set we saw anglers on a boat next to us catch a 150 lb tiger shark, so we were thinking it was our turn next. Sure enough, Chris yells down that there is not a shark, but a big mahi-mahi trying to eat the big shark bait on the kite. We tried to reel the dead kingfish slab away from him to pitch him a live bait but he wanted that dead bait, so on the third try we hooked him. Eric's friend reeled in a beautiful 40 lb mahi-mahi.

We sat for another hour with no bites, so it was time to make a move. Chris and I had been talking the day before about a big shark hanging around a particular shipwreck. This fish had been tearing up the big amberjacks that we would hook over this wreck, leaving our anglers with only heads to bring in. We decided that today was a good opportunity to target that shark so we ran Eric up there to try and catch this sea monster. On the third try we hooked a monster bull shark that Eric fought for two hours. Day had turned into night before finally catching this huge beast. It was easily 550-600 lbs, and in the darkness it was fearsome looking. Great catch Eric!

Tight Lines,

Capt David Ide

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Fish Species: Mahi Mahi
Tackle Used: 30lb
Method Used:
Water Depth: 100-300
Water Temperature: 77.3
Wind Direction: Southeast
Wind Speed: 5-10
big dolphin
big dolphin


David Ide

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