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Lake Fishing Reports

Lake Fishing Reports
    Lake Texoma striper fishing is really going strong by (2019-04-23 12:40:18)
    [Lake Texoma] It's spring so using live bait -- shad. Live Shad is hard to find this year but most guides can find some. Catching a few big fish but limited out on fish.
    Fishing report 4-20-19 by (2019-04-20 08:21:07)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some of the best fishing of the year is upon us, its on!
    Fishing report 4-13-19 by (2019-04-13 08:33:55)
    [Guntersville Lake] fishing is at its best right now, the best of the year is here!
    Fishing report 4-6-19 by (2019-04-06 08:19:01)
    [Guntersville Lake] The spawn is on and changes are in the wind, fishing is good folks!
    Fishing report 3-30-19 by (2019-03-30 08:53:47)
    [Guntersville Lake] fishing is looking good, more bites more fish and more fun!
    Fishing report 3-23-19 by (2019-03-23 10:11:53)
    [Guntersville Lake] The up and down continued this past week you just had to fight through it.
    Lake Texoma Striper Fishing has come Alive by (2019-03-22 09:43:13)
    [Lake Texoma] Lake Texoma striper fishing has really come alive this week with the arrival of spring. Big striper are on a feed frenzy getting ready to make their annual spring spawning run up the Washita and Red rivers. As the shallow waters warm fish move up out of the river channel to feed on shad. The fish are on the move so anglers need to be persistent and stay on the move looking for active fish.
    Fishing report 3-16-19 by (2019-03-16 09:28:20)
    [Guntersville Lake] Fishing took a hit this week as the current just did not let you get to the fish!
    Fishing report 3-9-19 by (2019-03-09 08:34:24)
    [Guntersville Lake] The weather was the deciding factor but once you figured it out it was on!
    Fishing report 3-2-19 by (2019-03-02 09:42:57)
    [Guntersville Lake] If you braved the high muddy water the results were very good.
    Fishing report 2-23-19 by (2019-02-23 07:39:05)
    [Guntersville Lake] High water, pouring rain and muddy conditions made the bite tough!
    March Means by (2019-02-18 12:46:53)
    [Lake Texoma] March is big fish month on Texoma — Big fat prespawn fish will move up out of the deep water to feed before making their annual run up the river. February fishing is ok but I love the springtime so I spend some of my time in February for boat maintenance and preparation for the upcoming season. I can’t believe its Valentine’s day already.
    Fishing report 2-16-19 by (2019-02-16 09:34:44)
    [Guntersville Lake] The good the bad the great but winter fishing is upon us.
    Fishing report 2-9-19 by (2019-02-09 08:17:51)
    [Guntersville Lake] the best early February I've seen in many years, no doubt.
    Fishing report 2-2-19 by (2019-02-02 07:11:31)
    [Guntersville Lake] The cold hurt but by the end of the week things looked normal!
    Fishing report 1-26-19 by (2019-01-26 09:48:05)
    [Guntersville Lake] cold weather changed the bite sowing down and being precise was key!
    Fishing report 1-19-19 by (2019-01-19 06:48:56)
    [Guntersville Lake] Guntersville is producing fish and lots of them and big fish!
    Fishing report 1-12-19 by (2019-01-12 09:16:42)
    [Guntersville Lake] the best January I can remember and its just starting!
    Fishing report 1-5-19 by (2019-01-05 08:37:45)
    [Guntersville Lake] Fishing is getting better everyday and the spring is looking great!
    Fishing report 12-22-18 by (2018-12-22 09:11:56)
    [Guntersville Lake] The Christmas holiday is upon us and the fishing is pretty good!
    Fishing report 12-15-18 by (2018-12-15 09:47:09)
    [Guntersville Lake] Tough week, lots of changing weather and hard times for most!
    Winter Means BIG Fish on Lake Texoma by (2018-12-10 15:16:46)
    [Lake Texoma] Winter is here on Lake Texoma. Fishing has been good with the recent warm spell but larger fish have been a little scarce. The colder winter temperatures with chances of rain (or even snow) turn the big fish on so fish the Winter season on Texoma.
    Fishing report 12-8-18 by (2018-12-08 09:31:11)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some consistent but cold added to some good days on the water.
    Fishing report 12-1-18 by (2018-12-01 10:27:18)
    [Guntersville Lake] Tough week the elements making being out there tough on the body!
    Fishing report 11-24-18 by (2018-11-24 08:52:55)
    [Guntersville Lake] Stability added a pick up to fishing this past week.
    Fishing report 11-18-18 by (2018-11-18 16:28:19)
    [Guntersville Lake] Cold water cold weather tough conditions for most this past week.
    Fishing report 11-10-18 by (2018-11-10 10:02:58)
    [Guntersville Lake] Fall is in full swing and the bass are in their shallow patterns
    Fishing report 11-3-18 by (2018-11-03 08:54:37)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some good news for this past week, weather was tough but !
    Fall fishing is in full swing at Lake Texoma and the fishing is great! by (2018-11-01 10:49:37)
    [Lake Texoma] The main lake is pretty stained but the creek arms are clear. The striper don’t seem to mind a little stain but it’s best to look for them in the cleaner water. Watch for the birds. The last few weeks the fish under the working birds have been pretty small but as it gets colder bigger fish will show up in the schools under the birds.
    Fishing report 10-20-18 by (2018-10-20 07:25:40)
    [Guntersville Lake] Fishing is looking up although you must be aware of the baits your using!
    Fishing report 10-13-18 by (2018-10-13 08:52:41)
    [Guntersville Lake] The fall is finally here the bass are doing it ,yes its on!
    Lake Texoma fishing has been very good this year, limits on every trip! by (2018-10-11 08:50:02)
    [Lake Texoma] Capt Steve Lake Texoma fishing has been very good this year, limits on every trip! But believe it or not it’s about to get better. Fall is here and with lows dipping down into the 50’s at night the water temp is dropping and the fish are getting more active.
    Piercy Priest Bass & Hybrid bite heating up with cooler temps by (2018-10-10 18:52:18)
    [Percy Priest Lake] With the lake level starting to recede for its annual fall draw down, and cooler temps in the forecast, the bite should bust wide open here any day!
    Fishing report 10/6/18 by (2018-10-06 08:59:10)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some changes are coming the question is when will it happen?
    Fishing report 9-29-18 by (2018-09-29 08:57:02)
    [Guntersville Lake] The week changed drastically with lots of rain and wind!
    Fishing report 9-22-18 by (2018-09-22 09:00:32)
    [Guntersville Lake] Frog time is near fishing is getting active and fall is coming!
    Fishing report 9-15-18 by (2018-09-15 09:17:00)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some days is great some days not so great, but fishing it is!
    Fishing report 9-8-18 by (2018-09-08 09:01:04)
    [Guntersville Lake] the frog bite is picking up still spotty but doable!
    Lake Texoma striper fishing is still going strong. by (2018-09-06 11:55:01)
    [Lake Texoma] Live bait seems to be the best way to go right now. Small fish are abundant but better fish can be caught if you can find them. Striper move a lot this time of year and don’t surface as much so finding them with sonar is key.
    Fishing report 9-1-18 by (2018-09-01 09:00:53)
    [Guntersville Lake] Heat and more heat this past week changed and weakened the bite!
    Fishing report 8-25-18 by (2018-08-25 09:15:14)
    [Guntersville Lake] Fall is near changes are abound and fishing picking up!
    Fishing report 8-18-18 by (2018-08-18 09:26:24)
    [Guntersville Lake] Cool nights, a little rain all adds up to some better fishing!
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 8-11-18 by (2018-08-11 14:50:23)
    [Guntersville Lake] It's all good get on the lake and you will have some fishing fun!
    Lake Texoma Striper Fishing is Still VERY Good by (2018-08-09 09:17:49)
    [Lake Texoma] Capt. Steve Barnes Striper fishing remains very good on Lake Texoma. We have been fishing live bait in 40 to 60 foot of water and catching limits every trip.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 8-4-18 by (2018-08-04 09:21:57)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some change this week that moved the fish, read to discover!
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7-28-18 by (2018-07-28 09:25:29)
    [Guntersville Lake] The heat is the story, consistence and persistence is the key!
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7-21-18 by (2018-07-21 08:22:43)
    [Guntersville Lake] The dog days are setting in so stay focused so you catch your bites!
    Lake Texoma is in full summer fishing pattern and for me that means trolling. by (2018-07-18 14:19:52)
    [Lake Texoma] Lake Texoma is in full summer fishing pattern and for me that means trolling. You can catch some striper early in the morning before sunrise running close to the bank throwing top water or swim baits but once the sun starts to come up look for them schooling in open water — they won’t stay up long so better get them while it’s hot because once they go down they get a little tougher to track and catch.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7-14-18 by (2018-07-14 09:54:19)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some challenges this week but still lots of fun on Guntersville!
    The Bass Fishing is Slowing Down To Hot Water Temps by (2018-07-07 10:37:22)
    [Guntersville Lake] The hot water is slowing things some but still catching good bass.
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