October means drag-screaming fun in Pensacola, Florida.

2012-10-19 17:41:10
Pensacola, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Escambia, Blackwater, and Pensacola Bay

October means drag-screaming fun in Pensacola, Florida.

October is known for cooler temps along the gulf coast and big redfish. We've had a few cold fronts the past few weeks, as seen in the pics posted, but not cold enough to kick off the redfish run. It's still a bit warm for the middle of October. So the annual redfish run has not started yet. I'm thinking that it will be a couple of more weeks and it will kick off. Now there are still some big reds being caught, but the massive schools have not come in the bays just yet. Pensacola Bay is full of bait as is Escambia and Blackwater. These bait pods consist of small blood minnows, glass minnows, and menhaden. With that said, it shouldn't be too much longer till the big redfish show up in droves. The speck bite is still very good both down in the lower part of the sound and in the upper bay areas. I do think the upper bay areas are holding the bigger trout. If you are looking for redfish and you're down in the sound, fish docks on the north shore and look for mullet schools. If you're fishing in the upper bays, work shallows in depths of 1-2 ft early and as the tide drops, as it will this week since we have an outgoing tide all day, work drop-offs from 4 6 ft with soft plastics.

This weekend looks great for inshore fishing with an outgoing tide. I'll be out over the next 4 days.

Lastly, if you're new to my reports, let me say thanks for stopping by.

I've started a new venue called Saltwater Fishing Academy.

What is Saltwater Fishing Academy?

Saltwater Fishing Academy is a new specialty fishing experience for local or visiting anglers to the Pensacola gulf coast. It's designed for both the experienced angler who wants to up his game or the novice angler who wants to improve his skills. I will teach you inshore fishing techniques for redfish, trout, pompano, Spanish, jacks, and much more. I will educate you on the correct artificial bait to use in different situations, and instruct the proper cast and retrieve with each type of lure.

I'm so excited about my new endeavor with Saltwater Fishing Academy.

The classroom is open for trips this fall, winter and spring.

What's the main difference between Saltwater Fishing Academy and a regular charter?

1. A regular charter is for families who just want to go out and catch fish and don't worry about learning how we do it. They are on vacation and just want to have a good time catching anything and have fun!

2. Saltwater Academy is more of a teaching style charter for anglers who want to up their fishing skills from freshwater to saltwater. It is for saltwater guys who want to learn more about inshore fishing. I will work with the angler to help improve his fishing skill in all aspects including casting, working baits, and how to properly land the fish. You will learn which lure to use and what areas to target. If you want hands on instruction about rigging baits, then we'll cover it. I've got 30+ years of fishing experience and nearly 10 years of guiding our area. I'll do my best to teach you what I know and help make you a better angler

Classes have started, and you don't want to be tardy, so give me a call, and we'll get you on board to start your education.

Thanks for stopping by, and tight lines.

Capt. John


Saltwater Fishing Academy


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This big red smashed a Spro Jig while jigging in Pensacola Bay
This big red smashed a Spro Jig while jigging in Pensacola Bay

The upper bay areas are holding big reds too.
The upper bay areas are holding big reds too.

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