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Big fish have been on the menu this week.

What a week of fishing it's been, especially since the Gulf has been slick clam the past 6 days. I put the inshore fishing on hold and took some clients out into the gulf to have some fun with the snappers, kings, Spanish and some other fun gulf species. Next week it's going to be too rough to get out in the gulf, so I'll be back on the flats stalking trout, reds, blues, Spanish and skipjacks. I enjoy venturing out into the Gulf from time to time, but my true calling is fishing on the flats. Let's talk about some of the trips I had last week. I have a few honey holes for snapper and I only hit them a few times each year. So when I do go out to check them out, they pretty consistently produce some good fish. On my first trip out in the gulf last week, it was really calm and when I got to the spot I could already see the fish high in the water column. I started chumming and before you know it I had several red snapper under the boat. I took off the weights and started free lining baits down. We had so much fun that day hooking a variety of fish including Snappers, triggers and amberjacks. Some of the other trips were also snapper trips, and we did well on these trips, too. We weren't able to sight fish them like we did on my last trip, but I did step down the weights and leaders and pulled out the spinning rods and we had a blast. A few other trips we spent time trolling around the buoys and we had fun on these trips, catching kings and Spanish. Yesterday's (6-7-2015) trip was especially nice, and we had a monster cobia hit one of our trolling baits and after a 30-minute battle we had it in the boat. High fives and smiles all around!

It's been a great week of fishing, and hopefully the next two weeks are similar, but we've got some rain and wind moving in. I'll have to keep an eye on it, but hopefully I'm able to get out and I'll have some good fish stories to tell you.

Till then, here's wishing you bent rods and screaming drags.


Fish Species: Red Snapper, Cobia, King & Spanish Mackerel
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Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
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Kevin had fun batteling this 50 lb Cobia
Kevin had fun batteling this 50 lb Cobia

Kings have been think near the beaches
Kings have been think near the beaches

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