Plenty of Hungry Trout Today 01/24/09

2009-01-25 16:17:41
Clearwater, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Woody Gore

Plenty of Hungry Trout Today 01/24/09

They’re were back in full swing today and eating live shrimp. Ran out of Clearwater north almost to Anclote Key and fished the outer island flats. On the incoming tide we anchored off the deep end and when the tide got going good so did the fish. We must have caught and released 35 to 40 larger trout. We used shrimp under a popping cork with about 36 inches Seaguar 30# leader, a 2/0 circle hook and a #3 split shot about 8 inches from the hook. Tossed them up current and as they would drift across the hole we’d pop the cork a couple of times and it would disappear… fish on.

Of course the bottle nose dolphins showed up and regardless of how careful you released the trout they would catch, eat or just kill practically every fish released. These dolphins are a real nuisance when it comes to protecting our trout population. And it comes down to the anglers who thought it was entertaining to toss fish them over the years. They are not stupid and like Pavlov’s dog they’ve become conditioned to recognize a boat and now associate it with food.

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Fish Species: Trout
Bait Used: Shrimp
Method Used:
Water Depth: 3-6
Water Temperature: 62
Wind Direction: calm
Wind Speed:

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