Quite the Week Orlando Fishing Report

2015-06-06 12:46:34
Orlando, Florida - Freshwater Fishing Report
Indian River Lagoon, St. Johns River. Econlockhatchee River

Quite the Week Orlando Fishing Report

It was quite the week, apart from the fishing. And with the exception of a scout day that turned up nothing, fishing was pretty darn good.

First of all, my son Maxx has been trying to get into a Physician's Assistant program ever since he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Radiology. Monday he found out that he has been accepted into the program at Barry University. He starts in September. Congratulations, my son! I am so proud of him.

After sister Cheryl moved in with us we got some chickens. Three turned out to be roosters. We ate a couple of them a month or so back. One got away from me and had been living on borrowed time. Sunday he met his maker. He had beautiful feathers so I tried to skin him. That did not go too well. Any tips on how I could do better, assuming there is a next time, would be welcomed.

If cars could write their history I suspect most would be horribly dull. "I commuted in gridlock traffic every day this week. My owner almost lost it one day with road rage..." Anyhow, in 1999 Susan and I bought a new Toyota Sienna, something safe and reliable for carrying young kids and all. My kids grew up in that van, which I am still driving (Thank God for YouTube!), towing boats, carrying canoes and kayaks, etc. Monday morning, in beautiful Bithlo, that vehicle hit a heck of a milestone. See the photo.

When the Sienna hit that milestone Scott Radloff and I were going scouting on the Indian River Lagoon, in the vicinity of Cocoa. The water was mostly beautifully clear, enough we could see all of Rhodophyta algae on the bottom, even in three or four feet of water. There were a few lonely strands of widgeon grass here and there, but no manatee grass at all. We went from SR 520 almost to the Rinker Canal and saw exactly one redfish. Won't be going back there for a long time.

Tuesday Capt. Bruce Eaton, a 737 pilot for one of the major airlines, joined me for some fly fishing on the Indian River Lagoon. We saw quite a few fish but were not exactly covered up with bites, getting exactly two. The one fish he got, on a bendback streamer, was a magnificent 28 inch seatrout. I left my cameras in the car- ARGGGHHHH! The photo below was taken with a phone. Phones will never replace cameras if you want quality photos. Weather drove us back to the ramp about 1 PM.

Wednesday found me floating in an Ocean Kayak on the St. Johns River. Fishing was only OK until I hit the magic spot. Then Blam! POW! It was some of the fastest bass fishing I've ever had, topped off by a solid five pound fish on a foam popping bug. Then the wind came up and it was over. The boat was back on the van shortly after noon.

After Wednesday's extravaganza how could I not try again? Thursday saw me back at the same place with a supply of new poppers. Alas, it was not as good as the previous day. Honestly, how could it have been? Still, over a dozen fish were released. Sadly, I lost both of the big ones. Bass strikes are just unbelievable sometimes.

Friday, just to stay in the bass groove, I went to the Econ. It was flat out the best day I've had there. I wore out two flies and broke another one off on a big fish. I hooked and lost another one, but still managed to get a couple real nice ones, and a bunch of smaller fish, a couple redbellies, a couple stumpknockers, and a spotted gar. No bluegills, surprisingly. Didn't really miss them. The water is low and clear, looks great.

And that is this week's Quite a Week Orlando Fishing Report from Spotted Tail.

Life is great and I love my work!


Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski






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