South Bay Redfish

2009-01-15 15:01:36
Tampa, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
South Tampa Bay
Woody Gore

We fished the south end of Tampa Bay looking for a few redfish. I ran early to the Skyway to pickup a few greenbacks and it was the easiest bait getting Iíve done in a long time. Pulled up under the bridge, tied off to a piling, tossed a handful of jack mackerel into the water, loaded the net and in one throw I loaded both live wells and was done.

We headed south to fish the remaining outgoing tide behind some islands. It was cool when exposed to wind but if you could get leeward it wasnít bad after the sun came up. The bite centered on the sun as they really started chewing around 10 A.M. Iíd toss a bat full of greenbacks near the mangroves and out toward the broken bottom and shortly we see a large swirl. They where redfish alright, because of the swirling attack on the bait Snook on the other hand trap the bait against the surface and explode with a load popping sound. A guide friend of mine related the sound to a toilet flushing.

We caught and released several nice redfish in that spot and two big trout. We never could get the snook interested in feeding, I think the water was too cold and they were not exerting any unnecessary energy. We used corks over the broken bottom pot holes and free lined a few baits near the mangroves. We seemed to get most fish off the mangroves because the baits where looking for refuge in the root systems.

The weather seemed to turn cooler or our thin cracker blood wasnít circulating fast enough to keep us warm, so we called it a day.

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Fish Species: Redfish
Bait Used: Greenbacks
Tackle Used: Spinning
Method Used: Corks and Free Line
Water Depth: 2-3
Water Temperature: 61
Wind Direction: N/NE
Wind Speed: 9

Woody Gore

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