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Swordfish Fishing Reports, Swordfishing, Daytime and Night

Browse popular swordfish fishing reports by professional fishing guides. Swordfishing has become a very popular big game sport off South Florida and the Gulf Coast. Anglers mainly fish for swordfish at night, however up until recenlty many elite anglers have been perfecting the art of deep dropping for swordfish during the day. Daytime swordfishing has begun to take over night fishing for many swordfish fisherman. Check out Swordfishing Central for more information on some of the best big game fishing in the world.

Swordfish Fishing Reports
    Sea Bass Return tp Beach Haven by (2017-10-26 10:12:44)
    [Beach Haven] The black sea bass season reopened in New Jersey and the fishing was hot in Beach Haven. In addition, the canyons are holding a variety of fish.
    Post Hurricane Irma Fishing in Fort Lauderdale by (2017-09-21 11:14:35)
    [Fort Lauderdale] The fishing off Fort Lauderdale has been awesome. The hurricanes have kicked the fish and bait around including the fall mullet run.
    Swordfish Fishing Has Been Red Hot! by (2017-08-20 16:26:29)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Each swordfish trip has yielded nice fish this week. We are getting multiple strikes on live baits and some one squid.
    Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing by (2017-06-18 11:13:19)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Great action on our fishing trips this week. Tons of action on bonitos, kingfish, blackfin tuna, mahi-mahi, swordfish and more. June is a great month for fishing action. Check out the Swordfish we caught.
    Thresher Sharks and BlueFin Tuna by (2017-03-12 20:16:48)
    [Fort Lauderdale] The highlight of the week has been Thresher Sharks and Bluefin Tuna. If you have never seen one of these sharks in person, it is truly one one of the oceans coolest and a must catch bucket-list fish. With their enormous eyes as well as even bigger tail, these fish are pure hunters and they are very good at it unlike many sharks that are scavengers.
    One Drop, One Fish! by (2017-03-03 13:21:19)
    [Fort Lauderdale] This had to be one of the shortest swordfish trips ever.
    Kids Fishing Fort Lauderdale by (2017-01-27 14:27:01)
    [Fort Lauderdale] One of the greatest parts of my job is taking kids fishing. Here off Fort Lauderdale so many families vacation here,
    Swordfishing Daytime by (2016-05-04 19:28:26)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Daytime swordfishing is poplar these days and very productive as well. We tend to see bigger fish during the daytime.
    500 pound Swordfish caught Daytime Swordfishing in Fort Lauderdale by (2015-08-06 14:46:56)
    [Fort Lauderdale] We caught an amazing 500 pound swordfish on our daytime swordfishing charter out of Fort Lauderdale. The monster gamefish are starting to bite.
    Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report by (2015-05-28 08:20:49)
    [Fort Lauderdale] As we near the end of spring things are changing in the fishing just off shore of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. May is traditionally one of our best...
    Ladies Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale by (2015-05-21 07:48:15)
    [Fort Lauderdale] While a high percentage of our guests are men here in Fort Lauderdale, there are some ladies that also like sport fishing or just fishing in general. Today’s trip was a group of gals that were far from the ordinary.
    Fort Lauderdale Great Fishing Trips by (2015-03-31 17:21:19)
    [Fort Lauderdale] The area just off shore of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood has been producing some great fishing trips for our guests.
    Great All Day Fishing Trip by (2015-03-25 07:39:52)
    [Fort Lauderdale] You never know what will happen on an all-day fishing trip here in Fort Lauderdale. Our group today had fished the afternoon the day before with
    Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Fishing Report by (2015-03-05 08:24:15)
    [Fort Lauderdale] The fishing off shore of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, Florida has been on the slow side as of late. We are in the middle of what should be some of the best fishing for Sailfish of the year but
    Swordfish Success Hollywood Fishing Trips by (2015-01-25 09:38:16)
    [Fort Lauderdale] One of the great things about daytime Swordfish Trips is the Hollywood Hills is right off shore of us and that gives us a high chance for success.
    Hollywood Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report by (2015-01-08 15:55:33)
    [Fort Lauderdale] The Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale area fishing has been interesting, to say the least. Normally my fishing report for the New Year would be pretty much about the Sailfish activity...
    Birthday Fishing Trip Does Well by (2014-12-16 16:10:09)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Here in the Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale area it is not unusual to have a few birthday fishing trips come our way. The day was Blake’s birthday and what he REALLY hoped to catch was a Dolphin and maybe a Sailfish.
    Hollywood Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report by (2014-12-07 12:24:38)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Fishing reports are always fun to write when the fishing has improved and that’s the case today as we talk about the fishing off the shore of Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Hollywood Florida Sailfish Fills Bucket List by (2014-11-21 08:14:50)
    [Hollywood] It seems the movie “The Bucket List” has made its way to the fishing world here in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale. We get many requests now for certain kinds of fish and today, with previous guests Jeff and his son Joel, the request was for a Sailfish.
    Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Fishing Report by (2014-11-15 06:28:53)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Our recent move from Fort Lauderdale to Hollywood still has us operating out of the same port and fishing the same areas. And writing this fishing report is especially fun as we’ve had some exceptional fishing this week.
    Fanntasic Fishing Report Hollywood Florida by (2014-11-03 16:50:48)
    [Fort Lauderdale] One of my first trips from our new dock in Hollywood, Florida was not exactly the perfect south Florida day and my fishing report is about this trip. Doctor Dale
    Fort Lauderdale Fanntastic Fishing Report by (2014-10-29 04:33:35)
    [Fort Lauderdale] As we enter October, we have already experienced our first cold front taking temperatures to a brisk 71 degrees. While this may seem like a small thing to you, especially if you live up north, down here this slight drop can mean all kinds of good news for the fishing.
    Bill’s Fort Lauderdale Fishing Trip by (2014-10-26 06:32:47)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Now having just 1 person on board is kind of a treat for the crew. We have to learn just one name, there’s never a question of who will fight the fish and so on.
    Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Happy Day Today by (2014-10-11 10:34:18)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Fort Lauderdale Fl. Happy Day Today
    Fort Lauderdale Sport Fishing Improves by (2014-09-27 07:38:34)
    [Fort Lauderdale] While the sport of fishing here in Fort Lauderdale is a year round thing, certain times of the year cause an excellent result in how good the fishing is and what we catch.
    Fanntastic Fishing Lands Mako Shark by (2014-09-17 18:04:53)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Our trip today was a mixed group of people and of course, they ALL wanted to catch fish. Trolling had been producing some small sized Bonitos on the reef and with little wind, we decided to keep the boat moving in our high 80’s temps and begin out day with some easy fish to catch
    Hammerhead Now His Biggest Fish by (2014-09-04 09:38:41)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Fort Lauderdale fishing has been fairly consistent lately. Trolling the reef area has been producing Bonitos, a much sought after bait fish, in some good numbers.
    Fanntastic Fishing Gets Son First Sail by (2014-07-30 05:33:01)
    [Fort Lauderdale] There aren’t many places in the world where just 20 minutes or so from the dock you are wetting lines and fishing in the deep sea. Fort Lauderdale happens to be one of them
    Family Fishing Fun Fort Lauderdale by (2014-07-26 08:13:52)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Fort Lauderdale has been fairly consistent in both weather and fishing as of late. Calm seas and light breezes in the mornings make for almost lake conditions as we headed out to see what could be done to keep this crew occupied.
    Fort Lauderdale Dolphin Fishing Trip by (2014-07-18 04:36:08)
    [Fort Lauderdale] An all-day fishing trip for Dolphin this time of year in Fort Lauderdale can be very rewarding. Dolphin, or Mahi-Mahi as we call them to eliminate confusion between the fish and the mammal
    Happy 4th Fishing Celebration by (2014-07-10 12:02:32)
    [Fort Lauderdale] This time of year in Fort Lauderdale our guests often request to fish Dolphin for the targeted species.
    Big Hammerhead Makes Our Day by (2014-07-06 07:10:37)
    [Fort Lauderdale] It started like any other fishing trip we run here in Fort Lauderdale. Good morning, get their names and where they are from. Mark and Amy, like so many couples, just out for a good time and Amy says she wants to catch something big.
    Fort Lauderdale Mahi-Mahi Fishing Exceptional by (2014-06-29 15:59:17)
    [Fort Lauderdale] While not always this way, the Mahi-Mahi fishing has taken off in Fort Lauderdale's off shore area. The last week has been exceptional for these highly sought after fish.
    Fort Lauderdale Dolphin Fishing Improves Tremendously by (2014-06-18 05:30:02)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Fishing for Dolphin (Mahi-mahi) around Fort Lauderdale has improved tremendously this week. It has been an absolute blast going off shore a ways and finding large beds of seaweed. While the seaweed is tough to deal with as far as keeping the baits clear, it’s worth it when you see Dolphin racing out from under those beds and heading for your rigged baits.
    Fish Variety Makes Our Day by (2014-06-14 07:17:28)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Each fishing trip we run has an element of surprise in it as we begin our day. We never know what we will encounter as we put our baits out in the water. Just as our guests, we have hopes of great fishing but what kind of fish and how big will they be?
    Fantastic Fort Lauderdale Bottom Fishing by (2014-06-05 04:35:37)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Something we do often, to entertain our guests while fishing here in Fort Lauderdale, is drop live baits on some of the deep wrecks and reefs here off our shore. Fort Lauderdale and Broward County have a fairly extensive artificial reef program.
    Sport Fishing Trips This Week by (2014-06-02 05:19:24)
    [Fort Lauderdale] May is one of my favorite times of year to fish here in Fort Lauderdale. Almost everything we catch is migrating one way or the other and each day is different. We truly have no idea what we might encounter from day to day.
    Great Sport Fishing Trip by (2014-05-30 05:21:46)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Some of our guests that fish with us in Fort Lauderdale just seem to be lucky and that certainly includes Rudy. Lucky at fishing is always good.
    Family Fishing Fun Fort Lauderdale Style by (2014-05-20 03:51:03)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Fishing in Fort Lauderdale is just one of the many attractions of things to do while visiting us. Many families come for the sun, the beaches and to generally relax and have some fun. Our family today has fished with us 5 times before and had very poor luck. Ken made this quite well known as he boarded the boat.
    Big Sharks Make Fishing Tough And Fun by (2014-05-10 08:07:09)
    [Fort Lauderdale] While fishing off Fort Lauderdale has improved, especially in the reef area, landing a complete fish has gotten harder. Kingfish and Bonitos are plentiful this time of year and following them are some of the largest sharks we catch all season.
    Good Fishing Great Weather Fort Lauderdale by (2014-05-04 04:47:33)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Calm seas, light winds, sunny skies and some great fishing… Does this sound good to you?
    Successful daytime swordfishing trip by (2014-04-27 10:11:17)
    [Fort Lauderdale] We had a daytime swordfishing charter today and caught a swordfish on our first drop. We also landed a bunch of dolphin including a 25 pound bull and a tuna.
    Great Fishing Continues In Fort Lauderdale by (2014-04-24 03:34:31)
    [Fort Lauderdale] I usually write about one trip with how it happened but this week has been so good it's hard to pick just one. We've had a great week catching fish of all sorts from small to large.
    Fort Lauderdale Fishing Improves by (2014-04-19 07:36:52)
    [Fort Lauderdale] While fishing hasn't been bad in Fort Lauderdale, it hasn't been good either. But all that's changing with the start of spring!
    Family Fishing Fun by (2014-04-12 08:08:44)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Fishing for food fish doesn't mean that's all you'll catch. Sometimes it's a fish of a lifetime!
    Patience Pays Off by (2014-04-08 16:24:51)
    [Fort Lauderdale] You have to wait for the bite when fishing. And sometimes, you have to wait your turn to catch your fish too.
    Summertime Fishing In March by (2014-04-01 04:27:28)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Our winter and sea temperature has been warmer than normal. It's given us some slow fishing days. But now things are changing for the better!
    Mahi Madness In March by (2014-03-27 05:20:16)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Mahi-mahi are usually caught in the spring and summer. This year, they are a little early.
    Sword Fishing Fort Lauderdale Happy Day Today by (2014-03-15 05:55:58)
    [Fort Lauderdale] Happy Day Today Fort Lauderdale Fl.33316
    Nice Swordfish Caught Daytime Swordfishing by (2014-03-14 17:44:53)
    [Fort Lauderdale] We had a daytime swordfishing trip today and landed a nice swordfish. Also caught a couple mahi-mahi and wahoo. Had a 400 pound mako shark behind the boat.
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