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The soon to be released Penn Spinfisher V could be a game changer at the price point of around $250. There is no denying that surf fisherman around the world have been craving a solid reel that could do the same job as the much more expensive Van Staal or Penn Torque.

The Spinfisher V is completely sealed and has gone through some amazing testing to ensure it will meet the stands of many types of fishing

Check out this awesome video of a breakdown of the spinfisher

Model Mono Cap. (yds/lb) Braid Cap. (yds/lb) Bearings Max Drag Gear Ratio Line Retrieve Weight
SSV3500 390/4 250/6 210/8 230/10 215/15 165/20 5+1 20 lbs 6.2:1 30(in) 13.4(oz)
SSV4500 300/8 250/10 185/12 365/15 280/20 200/30 5+1 25 lbs 6.2:1 34(in) 14.0(oz)
SSV4500LL* 300/8 250/10 185/12 365/15 280/20 200/30 5+1 25 lbs 6.2:1 34(in) 16.2(oz)
SSV5500 360/10 270/12 240/15 425/20 320/30 250/40 5+1 30 lbs 5.6:1 35(in) 20.4(oz)
SSV6500 330/12 300/15 210/20 430/30 340/40 280/50 5+1 30 lbs 5.6:1 39(in) 21.3(oz)
SSV6500LL* 330/12 300/15 210/20 430/30 340/40 280/50 5+1 30 lbs 5.6:1 39(in) 23.8(oz)
SSV7500 440/15 300/20 210/30 430/40 360/50 320/65 5+1 35 lbs 4.7:1 36(in) 26.9(oz)
SSV8500 440/20 300/30 250/40 650/40 540/50 470/65 5+1 35 lbs 4.7:1 42(in) 29.5(oz)
SSV8500LL* 440/20 300/30 250/40 650/40 540/50 470/65 5+1 35 lbs 4.7:1 42(in) 32.2(oz)
SSV9500 360/30 300/40 220/50 630/50 540/65 490/80 5+1 40 lbs 4.2:1 39(in) 38.3(oz)
SSV10500 415/30 350/40 255/50 750/50 670/65 580/80 5+1 40 lbs 4.2:1 42(in) 39.8(oz)
* L - Live Liner feature for live bait fishing
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Average Rating: 5
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Rating: Best Reel Avail
Reviewed on October 13, 2013 by Tim O from Hollywood

You won't find a better reel for the money. I have used and abused the reel on the boat and beach and I'm very satisfied. I wouldn't get sand in the reel, but I have dunked them and they are just find.

Rating: Spinfisher V winner in the surf
Reviewed on September 24, 2013 by Rob M from Cherry Hill, NJ

being new to the sport of surf fishing and raising a family I am on a budget. I wanted a reel that could get the job done without having my wife execute me. I got the spinfisher v 5500 and paired it with a 10' st Croix triumph surf rod. The reel weighs in at 20.4oz and the rod at 12.6oz- making for a nicely balanced combo- I also went out and got the spinfisher 8500 v LL for bait and wait matched up with my penn prevail 11' surf rod. Very happy with my Penn equipment. AS for the 5500- Since I use it for plugging and throwing metals/ bucktails I am in the surf and this reel has had many douses of saltwater and yet it keeps on keeping on. I take care of my equipment- this reel feels the same as it did the day I took it out of the box.

Rating: Unboxing Review
Reviewed on October 27, 2012 by Michael Grimm from Davie, FL

I have been waiting for a reel like this that I could fish the beach and that was smoother than a Van Staal like the other reviewer said. I just got the reel and unboxed it and extremely impressed with the overall design of the reel. I plan to put it through a beating this week with high winds, waves, etc on the beach going after tarpon. I'm not sure which rod I'll put it on yet, but I have a couple choices. I post my next review once I spool it up and get a big fish on .

Rating: Best Reel On The Market
Reviewed on October 26, 2012 by Daniel from Bethesda

I FINALLY got a hold of a 8500 spinfisher v. The reel is absolutely awesome and I won't be using my van staal much anymore as thi reel is much smoother and as long as you are careful with the sand, I don' tthik you will have a problem. I loaded mine with over 500 yards of 50lb braid and small mono top shot. Get er done!

Rating: Changes Everything!
Reviewed on October 1, 2012 by Charter Captain from Miami

This reel is exactly what I wanted penn to come out with. Now I have a reel that i can trust and with some line capacity to handle marlin and such that we fish for each year. I plan on getting at least 8 of these in the 8500, right now I am testing the 4500 series it is is not dissapointing on our inshore trips for tarpon and big snook. I am a big fan already. wtg penn

Rating: This reel has serious potential
Reviewed on September 11, 2012 by Jason Flaxid from Miami

I run a charter business and have been a long time penn guy. THis reel will replace all the spinners on my boat and I will use them for the big game stuff too since they ahve great line capacity.

Rating: Gonna Be Best Thing Since Penn Battle
Reviewed on August 27, 2012 by Tom Wellington from NC

If you are like me and have purchased the Van Staal as your surf reel, well don't panic, you can sell them on ebay for almost as much as you have paid for them. I checked out the spinfisher at iCast and can tell you that finally, we have a reel that is priced appropriately and will do exactly what we need it to do. I plan on buying 3 different sizes. The biggest one paired on a penn torque rod or even a shimano terrmar xxh will be an unreal combo for surf fishing. I also like these for fishing on my kayak where my reels get wet quite a bit. Now that van staal is being produced by zebco (china), i'd rather buy a cheaper china reel, penn spinfisher and yes these reels that this price point will be produced in china.

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