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Mega-Bite Inshore Charters 27-degree temperature difference in 24 hrs.

On Tuesday the 29th I woke up to temps around 60 degrees, then on Wednesday I woke up to temps in the lower 30's. This is the most drastic temperature change we've had all year, so far.

So how did it affect the fish? Surprisingly not too much; the fishing was very good on Thursday and Friday.

But let's back up a little before this major cold front and let you know what's been happening. The trout bite has been great the past two weeks with lots of fish in the 14-16" range, and even some over 20".

This extreme temp change will affect the bite some, but not to worry, as it won't take long for the fish to adjust. February is typically a very good month for trout, and we usually get into the big ones this time of year. Depending upon how long it stays cold will determine on whether the fish will go deep and stay deep or if they will stay in the shallows like they have been most of January.

Friday's weather looks good, as does this weekend, so if you have all your shopping done for Superbowl Sunday, take a quick trip out and tackle those trout.

As a former bass fisherman from southern Indiana, I love to throw artificials at trout and reds. If you're a guy who only throws artificials, then Saltwater Fishing Academy is for you. At Saltwater Fishing Academy, we cover it all, and although my main focus is artificials, I'll even go over live baits as well. I'll go over the correct live bait presentation for specific areas during the time of year you book me. I'll show you on the map where to use these live baits to get those fish to bite.

Tight Lines..

Capt. John

Fish Species: Trout, Redfish
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth: 4 -12 ft
Water Temperature: 58 -62
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Capt. John shows off a nice 15
Capt. John shows off a nice 15

The fishing Machine!
The fishing Machine!

John Rivers

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