Wind and Clouds North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report

2015-05-30 06:52:40
Titusville, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Indian River Lagoon

Wind and Clouds North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report

No fishing around this week. Three days out, all on the Indian River Lagoon. Solid east winds and clouds hampered our efforts every day.

Monday I stayed home, in my humble opinion the best thing to do on Memorial Day weekend. Aubrey Thompson is going to Alaska so I tied some flies for him. When I emailed him to ask where he wanted them sent, we had the following "conversation":

AT- You are a gentleman! And that, by the way, is the highest compliment I know.

JK- i don't usually get accused of that. something to do with growing up outside of boston…

AT- One of the finest gentlemen I ever knew was poor, black, a convicted murderer, and not intimately familiar with conventional habits of hygiene. I do not, of course, mean to suggest that any of these practices apply to you.

JK- he wasn't from boston though, was he?

AT- No. He may have been a convicted murderer, but he wasn't a Yankee.

I found it amusing enough to share. And Aubrey, thank you for the compliment.

Anyway, Tuesday Rodney Smith joined me for some IRL angling. His first fish was a nice red, slot fish, DOA CAL jerk bait. On my turn I missed two nice trout in a row, then managed to stick a little 12 incher, all on a minnow fly. On Rodney's next turn he missed three trout in a row, and before we could switch places he nailed a nice three pound fish on the same fly. The plan was for a short day, so we then went home.

Thursday Anton Faith's fishing education continued. We went to the IRL and checked some spots I hadn't looked at in a long time. One was OK, the other not. I was tossing a DOA CAL jerkbait, Anton a Bass Assassin. We each got a redfish, slot fish. I missed three trout in a row and in fact did not get one. Anton also missed a strike. Our hookup to miss ratio was not good. But Anton did get his first-ever fish on an artificial lure, a great achievement. No, you don't have to rely on bait!

Friday's charter was father and son. Dad was Col. Carl O'Hall, US Army (ret), son was Carl O'Hall, Esq., on the IRL! We had a bite and a miss early on a surface plug. Then Carl the Younger got a handsome trout on a DOA CAL jerkbait. Then he missed another one on the same bait. Then he hooked and lost a redfish while using a Johnson Minnow. Again, our hookup to miss ratio was not good. I ought to get the hook file out and do some lazer points on my hooks...

We saw plenty of fish this week. Other than on Tuesday they were not very aggressive and seemed to have their radar on for boat detection. It was challenging but entertaining. I look forward to the coming week!

And that is this week's Wind and Clouds North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report from Spotted Tail.

Life is great and I love my work!


Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski 

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Fish Species: redfish, spotted seatrout
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Water Temperature: 80+
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