Winter Trout Fishing

2009-01-17 13:28:40
Clearwater, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Inter-Coastal Flats
Woody Gore

Shot over to Clearwater yesterday for some more Trout fishing. You can say what you want about trout but during the winter when other species are quiet you can usually depend on Sea Trout to make your day. Today we use the MirrOlure Twitch bait over grassy potholes and caught several really good sized trout, ladyfish and bluefish. Man, its fun to use topwater lures. I use a loop knot on all artificial lures especially topwater because it give the lure a little added action. The strike anticipation of topwater fishing can drive you nuts.

A key to topwater is speed, not too fast, not too slow but working it like a wounded bait fish. If you ever watched bait trying to get away, they usually skip out of the water and scurry about. For that reason, the minute my lure hits the water, I twitch it fairly hard and start walking it in the most erratic action I can. Trout will often follow a lure for some distance deciding whether to eat it or not. So, occasionally I'll stop it momentarily, letting it sit perfectly still and the give it a subtle twitch which often triggers and explosive strike.

When the strike occurs never jerk back on the rod always wait until you feel the fish then give a small hook set. Trout have tender mouths and aggressive set only tears the lure away.

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Fish Species: Trout
Bait Used: MirrOlure 7M
Tackle Used: Spinning
Method Used:
Water Depth: 2-3
Water Temperature: 60
Wind Direction: N
Wind Speed: 10-15

Woody Gore

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