Fishing Reports by Captain Quinton Dieterle

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Company: Cutting Edge

Area Reporting: Key Biscayne Florida

Bio: Charter Fishing Captain for over 28 years, fishing Miami and the Bahamas. A native of Miami, we know the waters and the fishing here. Quinton has won 10 top captain awards and every tournament in miami, except the Bob Lewis, and took 3 and 4 in that one. The Cutting Edge is a Custom 45 Hatteras, with new everything. Captain Quinton Believes once you step foot on his boat you will see why they are said to be Miami\'s Best.

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Big Dolphin (6/15/2015)
[Miami,FL] Great fishing the last week, Dolphin, Sailfish, and some nice Blacken tuna
Birthday Fishing! (6/08/2013)
[Key Biscayne,FL] What a day for dolphin. For pics go to our sites or facebook page.
Cutting Edge (12/06/2012)
[Miami,FL] The Cutting Edge is looking better than ever, new tackle and new paint are making the Cutting Edge the sharpest charter boat in the fleet
Dolphin fishing great (5/29/2012)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Fishing off miami on the cutting edge is heating up, large dolphin, kingfish and nice size black fin tuna making the headlines.
great action on the edge (1/16/2012)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Sailfish bite is still going on, cobias showing up as well.
Dolphin bite is on!!! (1/02/2012)
[Miami,FL] Dolphin are abundant on the edge, with some kings and a few sails mixed in.
Sailfish action remains steady (12/29/2011)
[Miami,FL] Sailfishing off of the coast of Key Biscayne continues to pick up.
Miami FLorida Sailfish (9/09/2011)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Fishing is getting up to par off miami, and the Miami beach area. Sailfish, Kingfish and some nice Dolphin are the main catch. This month is also good for some Big Wahoo which will soon be showing up
Dolphin Showing up (7/22/2011)
[Miami,FL] Nice schools of Dolphin and some wahoo are moving through the Miami area. Weed Lines and Floating debra are holding the fish
Fishing on the Cutting Edge off Miami (4/21/2011)
[Miami,FL] Great Billfishing off Miami Florida, makes for exciting fishing. I expect this week to be very good for Sailfish and possible Dolphin
Miami FLorida Sailfish (4/04/2011)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Fishing off Miami Florida for Sailfish could not get any better, there are also Dolphin and Kingfish around.
Sailfish take over (3/09/2011)
[Miami,FL] The Sailfish action on the Cutting edge,( has reached an all time high. Big Dolphin and some Tuna also showing up
spectacular Sailfish Action on the Cutting Edge (2/16/2011)
[Miami,FL] The Cutting Edge is tearing up the Sailfish out of Miami, Double digits is common lately.
Great fishing off Miami (1/14/2011)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Miami charter fishing could not get better with the Cutting Edge catching Sailfish / Dolphin and Kingfish
Great Billfish Action off Miami (12/30/2010)
[Miami,FL] The past week off Miami on the Cutting edge has been action filled. Plenty off Sailfish, Kingfish and some nice amberjack and Dolphin
Great Sailfish Action off Miami Florida (12/25/2010)
[Key Biscayne,FL] With the wild weather north of Miami, we are enjoying great Sailfish action along with other rod benders
Cold Front Passes Through (12/20/2010)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Fishing has even gotten better off Miami for Sailfish and cobia after front made it through
Great Day of FIshing (12/18/2010)
[Miami,FL] With the winds out of the south east it made for a perfect day of fishing. Cobia Sailfish and kingfish made for a busy day
Nice Weekend (11/08/2010)
[Miami,FL] Fishing is starting to get crazy with schools of bait and Fish moving south, to the Miami Area.
Great Fishing off Miami (11/02/2010)
[Miami,FL] Good Weather off miami and Good fishing go together. And this week has proved this true.Lots of sailfish and kingfish along with some nice size dolphin
Action non stop (10/19/2010)
[Miami,FL] WIth the kingfish everywhere the action is non stop, from the kite's to the flat lines they are just plain biting. The nice Dolphin are showing up to, along with sailfish
Weather Delay in Miami (9/28/2010)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Fishing was starting to heat up, but then came the rain. Though we believe the Sailfishing and Kingfishing should get better soon.
Bait making it south (9/20/2010)
[Key Biscayne,FL] The Bait Migration has started with large schools of mullet and Pilchards moving south.
Sailfish Show Early (9/14/2010)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Weather off miami has been great and the fishing has been picking up. Sailfish, Dolphin, and some nice Wahoo have made a good showing this week
Dolphin showing up (7/30/2010)
[Miami,FL] Dolphin Fishing off Miami is improving. The fish are larger now and have been eating live baits well. The edge is also better, with the North current picking up.
Dolphin fishing good (6/13/2010)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Fishing is improving offshore of Miami, Dolphin are in good numbers along with Artic Bonito, and Kingfish
Crazy fishing (5/05/2010)
[Miami,FL] This weekend brought more action than you could believe, with Sailfish, Kingfish, and lots of other action
Wild Weekend off Miami (4/24/2010)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Sailfish action hits a peak, with Bonito, kingfish, and dolphin picking up the slack between bites
Blackfin Tuna Have Started To Show In South Florida! (4/04/2010)
[Miami,FL] Black fin tuna have started to show up along with large size sailfish
Team Get Lit K Rock Classic Billfish Tournament Champions Again (3/11/2010)
[Miami,FL] Fishing this past weekend the Get lit team with Cutting Edge Capt Quinton Dieterle takes the title
Amazing Sailfishing off Miami (3/03/2010)
[Miami,FL] Sailfish are Tailing off Miami, It is the best in years, and you should be a part of it.
Live bait = Sailfish (1/31/2010)
[Miami,FL] If you can find the live bait, sailfishing has been very productive the last week of January.
Sailfish take over (1/11/2010)
[Miami,FL] This past week the weather cooled down off Miami Florida, But The Sailfishing On the Cutting Edge Charter boat heated up,.
Fishing picking up for Sailfish (11/30/2009)
[Miami,FL] The last couple of days the fishing has picked up for Sailfish, Wahoo, and kings. It should get better as the weather changes this week.
Fishing getting better (11/01/2009)
[Miami,FL] The cooler weather is pushing bait south into our area. And the Billfish are following.
Dolphin Fishing Improving Off Fowey Light Miami (8/18/2009)
[Key Biscayne,FL] The last week has showed signs of improving Dolphin and Wahoo fishing. We expect it to continiue
Action slows down (7/02/2009)
[Key Biscayne,FL] The action off Miami Florida has finally slowed down a bit. The west winds are pushing the fish offshore
Dolphin fishing Begins (6/18/2009)
[Miami,FL] This week off Miami we officially began Dolphin Fishing Season. We started the long runs off shore and are finding Dolphin.
Crazy Sailfish, Tuna and Kingfish (6/07/2009)
[Miami,FL] The action off Miami could not be better for Kingfish and Sailfish. We have been catching our limit on Kings everyday and starting to catch Dolphin
Action Still Strong (5/18/2009)
[Miami,FL] The Fishing off miami remains great, Sailfish, Tuna and Kingfish are in the spot light.
Miami Sailfishing (4/25/2009)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Fishing off Miami is the Best I have seen in years, Miami waters are full of Fish
Sailfishing off Miami (3/16/2009)
[Miami,FL] Fishing off Miami Florida has picked up over the weekend with nice catches on the Cutting Edge
Dolphin Showing up (3/12/2009)
[Miami,FL] This week no only did we catch Sailfish and kingfish, some nice Dolphin started showing up
Sailfish Ignite (2/04/2009)
[Miami,FL] Fishing the last week or so has been excellent. With Sailfish action taking the show. Kite fishing has produced much of the action on the Cutting Edge Charter boat. Fishing out of Key Biscayne Florida we have had days with up to 22 sailfish. But most days are between 3 to 8 fish
Sailfishing Crazy (1/17/2009)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Fun and Exciting fishing day on the Cutting Edge. Sailfish action was steady and the weather has been good.
LATE RALLY (1/06/2009)
Sailfish Action Steady (12/26/2008)
[Miami,FL] The fishing the last couple of days on the Cutting Edge has been steady, with good action on Kings, Dolphin and Sailfish
Sailfishing Crazy (12/08/2008)
[Miami,FL] The last couple of days off Miami the Key Biscayne Charter Boat Cutting Edge has been Tearing up the Sailfish. Also Kingfish are starting to bite.
SAILFISH IGNITE (12/04/2008)
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