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Salmon Fishing Reports

Browse popular Salmon fishing reports by professional fishing guides.

Salmon Fishing Reports
    Fishing Report for Ucluelet, B.C. April 5, 2017 by (2017-04-05 16:33:50)
    [Ucluelet] Fishing Report for Ucluelet, B.C. on April 5, 2017
    Fishing Report Ucluelet, B.C. March 23, 2017 by (2017-03-23 14:41:46)
    [Ucluelet] Fishing Report for Ucluelet, B.C. March 23, 2017
    Fishing Report, Ucluelet B.C. October 14, 2016 by (2016-10-14 15:25:35)
    [Ucluelet] Fishing report for Ucluelet B.C. on October 14, 2016
    Milwaukee, Fishing Back On Top ! by (2016-08-03 08:01:46)
    [Milwaukee] I fished mostly out over 70 feet again. East wind has pushed the warmer water in. Fish 70 to 170 feet. Near shore action on McKinley pier has been slow.
    Your Salmon River Pulaski NY Update by (2016-08-01 06:05:27)
    [Salmon River] 1-Salmon Season Drought Water levels????? 2-YOUR Summers Lake Ontario King Salmon Charter Boat Reports: 3-YOUR Current Salmon River NY Fishing Report's:
    Fishing Report, Ucluelet BC July 23, 2016 by (2016-07-24 16:28:42)
    [Ucluelet] Fishing Report for Ucluelet, BC from July 23, 2016
    Fishing Report Ucluelet BC June 25, 2016 by (2016-07-01 21:13:34)
    [Ucluelet] Fishing has been more of a roller coaster than we expected though most days have been successful. Bite times are happening early some days and some days later in the day.
    Milwaukee, Coho Run Is on! by (2016-06-14 17:40:12)
    [Milwaukee] I fished mostly out over 90 feet again. East wind has pushed the warmer water in. Fish 90 to 200 feet but anglers near shore are catching some fish.
    Hot start of Ucluelet by (2016-05-19 21:32:48)
    [Ucluelet] Great start to the season off Ucluelet. Salmon are here in very solid numbers. Looks like it's going to be a fishy season.
    Salmon and Halibut fishing, Victoria and Ucluelet, British Columbia by (2016-04-22 19:23:02)
    [Vancouver Island] Fishing for Chinook (kings) has been great for April. We have seen a large influx of migratory fish in the 10- 15lb range.
    Victoria and Ucluelet Salmon and Halibut by (2016-03-21 23:40:11)
    [Vancouver Island] Spring fishing has been good for both Salmon and Halibut. Mature Chinooks (Kings) have followed the bait into the area and are being caught alongside the winter feeders. Looks like a good month of fishing to come!
    Salmon and Halibut fishing, February 2016 by (2016-02-12 23:41:42)
    [Vancouver Island] We kicked off the 2016 season in Victoria in fine fashion this week.The winter Spring (king salmon) fishing produced lots of numbers with fish to 8lbs. We look forward to more forecasted solid Salmon fishing through the the coming months and great early season accessible Halibut fishing.
    Fishing Report Vancouver Island BC Dec 2015 by (2015-12-13 02:54:59)
    [Vancouver Island] Halibut fishing has been good around Constance Bank and Middle Bank. Large herring, salmon bellies, mackerel or mudraker jigs are the usual baits
    Fishing Recap 2015 by (2015-11-11 03:14:20)
    [Ucluelet] Both salmon and halibut fishing was good and inshore fishing as well as Big Bank were improved over 2014. Ucluelet was once again one of the best places on the coast to get your rods bent.
    Warm Water Produces Some Nice Salmon In Saugatuck by (2015-09-07 16:12:48)
    [Saugatuck] 70 degree water from the surface down to 60 foot still produces some nice salmon in that warm water.
    High winds changes fishing in Saugatuck by (2015-08-24 07:30:21)
    [Saugatuck] Just as a themocline was beginning to set up, we got 2 days of 30 MPH winds and warm water was blown in.
    Epic Pink Salmon Fly Fishing by (2015-08-20 14:19:21)
    [Vancouver] The salmon fishing is so good in Vancouver it's hard to believe! The rivers are stuffed with Pinks
    Limit catches most days in Saugatuck by (2015-08-16 18:14:12)
    [Saugatuck] This past week we saw limit catches nearly ever day of the week with salmon pushing 20 pounds.
    Fraser river Salmon & Sturgeon report by (2015-08-09 15:07:31)
    [Fraser Valley] Fraser river Sturgeon fishing trips are producing amazing results. Chinook salmon fishing opened Aug 3 and has been very good on bar fishing rigs.
    Salmon Steelhead and Lake Trout in the Creel in Saugatuck by (2015-08-02 15:50:02)
    [Saugatuck] Creel limits of 17 and 18 fish consisting of salmon, lake trout and steelhead were caught in Saugatuck this week.
    New Season here on the Slam'n Salmon River in Pulaski Altmar NY by (2015-07-28 08:31:27)
    [Pulaski] Welcome back everyone for a New Season here on the Slam'n Salmon River in Pulaski Altmar NY
    Silver fish showing up the Saugatuck creel by (2015-07-26 17:22:02)
    [Saugatuck] The fishing is still very good in Saugatuck with limit catches of lake trout and increasing salmon and steelhead numbers.
    A week of Inconsistencies. by (2015-07-12 16:47:36)
    [Saugatuck] The creel numbers ranged from a dozen fish to 3 fish per trip during the week.
    Cold Water Brings Salmon in Close by (2015-07-05 14:14:10)
    [Saugatuck] With strong north winds for two days the water temperature went from 63 degrees to the high 40's and salmon moved in front the piers.
    12 pound Chinook Salmon showing up in Saugatuck by (2015-06-29 07:13:22)
    [Saugatuck] Good numbers in the creel this past week with Lake Trout and some 12 pound chinook salmon.
    2015 Fishing Season has started! by (2015-06-26 15:31:58)
    [Bristol Bay] Alaska Fly Fishing in Bristol Bay is red hot for the start of the 2015 season.
    Lake Trout and a few Salmon in Saugatuck by (2015-06-22 08:18:58)
    [Saugatuck] Most of the creel this past week has been lake trout caught in 70 to 100 foot of water.
    Salmon and Lake Trout in the Creel in Saugatuck by (2015-06-15 08:15:36)
    [Saugatuck] Fishing in 90 to 100 foot of water, lake trout are being caught on the bottom and salmon suspended 40 to 60 foot down.
    Salmon showing up in deep water by (2015-06-02 08:15:47)
    [Saugatuck] There are two groups of fish--one in deep water and one in the water inside of 100 foot.
    Fantastic Lake Trout Fishing by (2015-05-18 06:46:48)
    [Saugatuck] This past week has produced limit catches for lake trout with some steelhead and salmon mixed in.
    Vancouver Island Fishing Report Ucluelet BC by (2015-05-16 11:59:14)
    [Vancouver Island] Salmon and Halibut fishing have been great the past couple weeks. This is the best early season fishing we have had in a few years.
    Fishing Report Ucluelet BC March 9, 2015 by (2015-03-09 22:05:58)
    [Ucluelet] Early season fishing is just starting to get going. It is worth coming out to fish and enjoy some great spring weather.
    Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery News - December 10, 2014 by (2014-12-12 13:29:18)
    [Blackwater River] [b][u]Prices Unchanged for 2015.[/u][/b] We dropped our prices significantly two years ago to combat the economic climate and to encourage more anglers to come to the Blackwater. We are keeping the prices the same for 2015.
    Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Report by (2014-09-28 08:28:54)
    [Pulaski] Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report for today is. On the Salmon River in Pulaski NY look for more fresh Salmon to enter and run this come'n week. Many anglers are finding the fishing slooow, presently - but not all!
    Today's Fishing Report Salmon River Pulaski NY by (2014-09-26 08:14:39)
    [Salmon River] On the Salmon River Pulaski NY we have mostly Coho Salmon, King Salmon and a few Steelhead, Brown Trout, Atlantic Salmon and lot's of those TROPHY Chub's!
    48 degree water and Chinook Salmon in Saugatuck by (2014-09-15 07:59:41)
    [Saugatuck] High winds and rough water has produced a drop in the water temperature and some salmon are in front the Saugatuck piers.
    Salmon in September by (2014-09-03 16:26:46)
    [Sacramento River] Salmon fishing is good and will get better this month and Steelhead are starting to show
    Salmon by (2014-09-03 13:29:51)
    [Northern California] Salmon fishing is getting better every day.
    Fraser river Sockeye salmon fishing on FIRE! by (2014-08-29 01:06:29)
    [Fraser Valley] There are millions of Sockeye salmon returning to the Fraser river this month and next. Salmon fishing is extremely good! Limits for everyone on our Sockeye fishing charters!
    Warm water moves fish deeper in Saugatuck by (2014-08-25 06:12:55)
    [Saugatuck] During the week, the water has warmed from the high 50 degrees to the low 70's and the fish have moved to deeper water.
    Salmon, Lake Trout and Steelhead in Saugatuck by (2014-08-17 17:27:25)
    [Saugatuck] Chinook salmon, steelhead and coho salmon, makes up most of the creel numbers this past week in Saugatuck.
    The Kings Are Show Up In Saugatuck by (2014-08-03 17:14:21)
    [Saugatuck] The creel changed during the week with more and more salmon showing up in the catch.
    Summer Trout & Salmon 2014 by (2014-07-30 17:16:40)
    [Northern California] Trout fishing is great 30 fish hooked on last outing.Salmon fishing is getting better.
    Cold water changes the fishing in Saugatuck by (2014-07-27 16:25:19)
    [Saugatuck] Rough water and high winds had changed the water temperature and the fishing in Saugatuck.
    Mixed creel of silver fish and lake trout in Saugatuck by (2014-07-20 17:10:59)
    [Saugatuck] Everyday we are finding a few more steelhead and salmon in the creel, however the predominant fish is still the lake trout.
    Limit Catches of Lake Trout in Saugatuck by (2014-07-13 16:38:21)
    [Saugatuck] Limit catches of 12 to 18 lake trout were the norm this past week.
    Good Holiday Week For Fishing In Saugatuck by (2014-07-06 09:47:56)
    [Saugatuck] Fishing for lake trout continues to be very good in 85 to 100 foot of water.
    Lake Trout, Steelhead and Salmon in Saugatuck by (2014-06-29 07:35:10)
    [Saugatuck] Fishing has slowed, however we are still taking some nice Lake Trout and Steelhead in 100 foot of water.
    Lake Trout on the bottom in Saugatuck by (2014-06-22 10:05:14)
    [Saugatuck] The catch of salmon has slowed, however the Lake Trout are hitting in 100 foot of water.
    Whale Pass, Alaska Fishing Report by (2014-06-21 13:04:22)
    [Southeast Alaska] This week offered great fishing. Halibut, salmon, and trout were all on the angling menu. Whales, sea lions, bear, and deer sightings offered a little spice.
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