A very large Bull Dorado

2012-12-25 00:49:45
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - Saltwater Fishing Report
Deep Canyon

We launched with Fat Girl from Wilsons Wharf at 04h00, there was virtually no wind and the sea was flat. Our mission was to find a Marlin, so we ran deep. We ran at full speed straight out to the deep for around 40km before we found clean warm water at around 700m, this water was awesome, cobalt blue and 26.3deg.C, the best water I have seen so far this season.

We set our spread and continued on towards the 2000m mark. On the way I saw many flying fish but we never saw a Marlin anywhere. I worked all the usual areas without any success.

By 10h00 the NE has started blowing and the swells picked up. Out in the deep the sea got rather large, but we were still very comfortable on Fat Girl and she rode the sea with ease.

During the trip we managed to pick up 6 Dorado, and we also had a double hook up with a Queen and a Bull, the Queen was the same size as all the others at around 9Kg, but the Bull was a whopping 20kg.

This 20Kg Bull Dorado is a new record for Blue Water Charters clients, he gave a good account for himself and fought hard. When I brought him on to the boat he died almost immediately from exhaustion, and I found that he had swallowed the Mould Craft Wide Range Kona deep into his belly.

On the way back the sea flattened out even though the NE was blowing hard and by 700m the water was green and cold again, so we pulled our lines in and ran back to base.

Our round trip ended up at around 160km for a 12hour Charter

Fish Species: Dorado (Mahi Mahi)
Bait Used: Konas
Tackle Used: Okuma Makaira
Method Used: Trolling
Water Depth: 1600m
Water Temperature: 26.3deg.C
Wind Direction: NE
Wind Speed: 14knts
20Kg (44lb) Bull Dorado
20Kg (44lb) Bull Dorado

20Kg (44lb) Bull Dorado
20Kg (44lb) Bull Dorado

Mike Laubscher

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