Angling Hard hitting Carp! Right in chicago

2008-10-11 23:26:32
Chicago, Illinois - Freshwater Fishing Report
Chicago River

Fished the Howard discharge this Afternoon with Shane and my brother. It was an absolutely Beautiful day today sunny, Warm, and Comfortable. Really nice day out especially compared to the last week of weather we had. When we first arrived I fished the Railings before heading to the discharge, I worked the area thoroughly with a 1/8oz. Ball head jig and a White grub about 2 1/2" long. But the only thing in the area were small sunfish, but the water was DEAD Clear with about 2 -3 feet of visibility with my Polarized sun glasses. So I decided to Grab my

gear and head towards the discharge where Everyone was fishing. my brother James missed one as soon as I got there, Carp using a special preparation Strawberry Dough. So I set my Carp rod up using a size 4 treble and about 12" leader on the slip-sinker rig. Tons of bites but no Fish! So Quickly i make an adjustment to my presentation by shortening my leader. This will allow me less stretch and a stronger hook set. But Still I kept missing fish. Now here I am down 0 fish to my brothers 2. I make yet another adjustment, I go to a Size 6 treble hook (Smaller) and shorten my leader to about 5" or so. on my first cast back out BAM! Nail a small gold "comet" Carp about 13" in length. Ok now that's a start and after wards proceeded in catching 3 More Regular common carp on the same presentation. The picture Above was the biggest of the Day.

Slip-sinker Rig with Dough bait

Special Preparation strawberry Dough bait.

Sky: Clear/sunny

Temp: 74

Pressure: 30.23 (DROPPING)

Wind: E 0-10mph

Water color: Clear

Water visibility: 2'

Water Depth: 6-8ft deep.

Water Temp: 74

Bottom: Rocky

Rod: Dawaii Fire Wolf 10'6" Med/Lite

Reel: pFlueger Trion

Line: 10 lb P-line

Leader: 10lb P-line 10"

Sinker: 1/4 oz

Swivel: 14

Hook:Treble size 6

Bait: special preparation dough bait.

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Fish Species: Common Carp
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Me Hoisting the biggest of the day
Me Hoisting the biggest of the day

My Rig (Slip-sinker) with OurSpecial prep.
My Rig (Slip-sinker) with OurSpecial prep.

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