Fishing Reports by Captain George Watford

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Area Reporting: Illinois

Bio: I\'ve Been A Fishing Fanatic since the Age of Four. Ever since I\'ve been Determined to Figure out patterns that will consistently put myself as well as other anglers on fish. Every time out is a Learning Process, And I\'m taking notes. Please Take a Kid Fishing

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Chicago River Black Crappie Fishing 11/09 (11/10/2013)
[Skokie,IL] Got out along my old home body of water to un wind and have a Great Time. Tons of Crappie to be caught and Released! VIDEO INCLUDED!
The GEO Report: November 8, 2012 Skokie Illinois Chicago River Crappie Fishing (11/09/2012)
[Skokie,IL] Angling along the Chicago River with artificial Lures and Light Line, For a fun outing consisting of Black crappie
Angling Hard hitting Carp! Right in chicago (10/11/2008)
[Chicago,IL] We set out for bass, but the bite just wasn't there. Several cold fronts moved through the last week, Fishing was slow... Well until we started fishing for carp :-]
Carp fishing... In the city (10/11/2008)
[Chicago,IL] I tried my Luck Fishing common carp in the heart of chicago. Cool day and right after a cold front.
Bass And Crappie (VIDEO) (8/21/2008)
[Chicago,IL] Big bass!! Big Crappie!! Come check it out. My buddy neil and i angle big Large Mouth and Small mouth bass on artificial lures.
4lb Small mouth bass (8/05/2008)
[Chicago,IL] Hey guys, Video of me angling for small mouth bass in the heart of Chicago, From shore.
Winter Cold Front (3/03/2008)
[Chicago,IL] Fishing During a Cold Front, Man did Fishing Get Tuff.
Winter Carpin (3/03/2008)
[Chicago,IL] this Report Shows video of Me Angling Carp and Suckers on the River.
16 Degree Winter Fishing (2/16/2008)
[Chicago,IL] This Report only Contains Video one of the most exciting videos you'll see. please Enjoy.
Illinois bass fishing in 21 degrees and 20mph wind a Success (1/22/2008)
[Chicago,IL] fishing some of the most pressured fisheries in Chicago, the Busse wwd We Provide you with Video of our wonderful outing as well as pictures, A MUST SEE!
Gold Mirror Carp (1/17/2008)
[Chicago,IL] Amongst the Brisk cold wind coming off the hills, And The Fingers about to become numb He Feels a Tap. bigger then any bass he's caught it fights Like a Freight train what could be on the other end of his line ?
Skokie Lagoons Fishing ILLINOIS (5/26/2007)
[Skokie,IL] top water crappie fishing need i say more?
Fly fishing he Sweet Lagoons (5/24/2007)
[Chicago,IL] took a female friend out as she wanted me to specifically Guide her in Fly Fishing and Fly fishing For Crappie. Her First time fly fishing she learned quick an landed crappie repeatedly.
Illinois River Systems, Soon to Heat up (2/27/2007)
[Chicago,IL] Illinois river systems will soon rid of all melting ice and provide quality Early spring fishing.
Lake Michigan Shore Perch Fishing (2/27/2007)
[Chicago,IL] Perch Fishing in Chicago's Harbors, This is What Reel Obsession has as of Right now. Fish are Spotty, Literally hit or miss When The bite is on Minnow Heads on Swedish pimples seems to be the ticket, Or Drop shotting minnows along weed beds.
Feb. Open Water Chicago Bass Fishing (2/24/2007)
[Chicago,IL] Fishing Was Considerably Good, Conditions were exactly as I predicted them to be before the outing. Didn't take much to pull in these Beauty's.
Busse Woods WWD Multi-Species Fishing (2/19/2007)
[Chicago,IL] "REEL OBSESSION ENTERTAINMENT 2007" Hit The Warm Water discharge of busse woods for the First time with this multi-Species Outing.
Chicago Open Water Carp Fishing (2/19/2007)
[Chicago,IL] We Fished the Chicago river, Chicago Illinois. My Borther had time fore some fishing and Wanted To catch Carp So I found a Place and We set out.
Busse Woods WWD Fishing Report (2/17/2007)
[Chicago,IL] Fishing was Considerably Good. First time out on Busse's WWD So The Water Clearity and Depth was unexpected.