Carp fishing... In the city

2008-10-11 23:20:13
Chicago, Illinois - Freshwater Fishing Report
north shore channel Chicago river

Fished Irving&rockwell Today, And it was Truly amazing. The Cold nights are starting to make the leaves on the trees change to their autumn Colors. Light Yellows, Orange, And Even small tints of Purple. I fished today with my 10'6" Daiwaii Fire Wolf Rod. Boy, has it been a long time since I took this rod out, My 4th yr having it. Just finished superglueing the eye of my Rod back on; (the plastic piece kept falling out) the night before. I rearranged my whole tackle box and Even spooled new line on my main 3 rods the night before. So I was Really excited to get back out.. back to "My roots" when I use to do this with the Family. I was using bread At first I started out with a size 12 Hook, Lazer sharp! made by eagle claw. But The fish just didn't seem to get hooked, They would pull My rod tip down and I'd set the hook feeling the weight.. But I just couldn't hook up. So after two quick fish misses I slid a treble hook off one of my crank-baits and tied it on my carp rig. Balled bread onto it;s trebles and cast it out. Took several minutes for another hit.. "Me thinking the bulkier profile of the larger hook" but it was nice, I had time to glance around my surroundings and truly take in the beauty. This spot being the ONLY Chicago river spot near me where, i just can't "Hear the city". And it was nice, but after a 20 minute wait and a very detailed observation of what was around me, I had another bite. I glance at my rod tip, noticing the weight of a fish at the other end. The rod was bent half over! So i quickly lifted until i felt the weight of the fish, And SET THE HOOK!. But again nothing.. The fish just weren't getting hooked. And it puzzled me to my amazement, I was feeling the line several times with my "Trigger" finger and actually felt the carp inhaling and exhaling my bread multiple times. And I couldn't figure it out. Although I didn't stray much from original presentation I wasn't dissatisfied with my outing either. I Felt Relax. Calm. A, a Zen Feeling. So although I wasn't able to hook up with "The Common Carp" I will take this relaxed feeling out feeling good about the day. But take what I learned from today's outing And Apply it to my next challenge.

Sky: Over Cast

Temp: 65

Wind: SE 0-10mph

Water color: Slightly Murky

Water visibility: 8 "

Water Depth: 3-4ft deep.

Water Temp: 74

Bottom: Rocky/Mud

Rod: Dawaii Fire Wolf 10'6" Med/Lite

Reel: pFlueger Trion

Line: 10 lb P-line

Leader: 10lb P-line 10"

Sinker: 1/4 oz

Swivel: 14

Hook: Size 12 // Treble size 4

Bait: Bread (Balled up only the WHITE of the bread. NO CRUST)

>George Watford<


Fish Species: common carp
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used: ledgering
Water Depth:
Water Temperature: 74
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
George Watford

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