Busse Woods WWD Multi-Species Fishing

2007-02-19 22:54:14
Chicago, Illinois - Freshwater Fishing Report
Busse Woods Warm Water Discharge (WWD)

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This Afternoon Shane, Neil, James and I ended up Going to Busse's WWD and Fishing The Crystal Clear Waters of the WWD and Salt Creek for Large Mouth Bass,Crappie, Carp, And Blue Gill. Before Heading over to the WWD We decided to hit behind the football feild looking for carp. Wearing my Polorised Sunglasses I spotted a Really nice Walleye about 19 " But quickly swam off. So we All Got low to the snow and Then Spotted a School of Common Carp (Explaines in Video 1). After wards we quickly walked over to the WWD Where #1Cubsfan and Basscaster were fishing on the Rails, Unfortunanlty I didn't find that out until I read there report. I wasn't expecting the Water to be so Clear or Shallow No body ever mentioned that so It completely caught me off guard. There We ended up fishing for Large Mouth. I have two Videos explaing most of the Outing, I apologise the report is Short And theres no detail in weather conditions (didn't bring any of the equipment.) But will do for sure next time.

Here's a Video of me Explaning Part I of the Report. (Trying to provide video in most reports, This covers up the video I didn't take while out on the water.)

Carp in Salt Creek


Carp Recipe: Cherry/Kiwi Winter Bait

3/4 Cup Flour

.14 Oz Packet Cherry Kool-Aid

.14 oz Packet Kiwi Kool-aid (usually use watermelon kiwi)

2 Slices White Bread (smashed into bread crumbs,Only the white)

1/2 Cup Milk

2 Cup Corn meal



Total Catch:

George (Artificials)

1 10 " Large Mouth

1 13" Large Mouth

1 4-5lb Common Carp

2 White Crappie

09 Bluegill

Shane (Worm)

1 16" LargeMouth

James (Worm/Artficials)

1 8" Large Mouth

1 14" Large Mouth

Neil (Worm)

2 Crappie

10 Bluegill


Perch Guy

Chicago il.

Multi-Species Angler

Fish Species: common Carp, Large Mouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth: 3 Feet Crystal Clear
Water Temperature: 46
Wind Direction: South
Wind Speed: 5.7 MPH
George Watford Common Carp
George Watford Common Carp

Shane Singletary 16
Shane Singletary 16

George Watford

About The Author: Captain George Watford

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Area Reporting: Illinois

Bio: I\'ve Been A Fishing Fanatic since the Age of Four. Ever since I\'ve been Determined to Figure out patterns that will consistently put myself as well as other anglers on fish. Every time out is a Learning Process, And I\'m taking notes. Please Take a Kid Fishing

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