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Cape Cod Canal Fishing for Monster Striped Bass by Ryan Collins (01/07/2013)
Each season on Cape Cod the Canal produces huge stripers - sometimes well above the 50 pound mark.
Cape Cod Canal Striper Fishing Hot Spots by Ryan Collins (12/01/2011)
The Cape Cod Canal is loaded with awesome fishing spots for big striped bass. However it generally takes many years to learn which areas fish best at which tide. This article helps shorten the Cape Cod Canal learning curve.
This 41 pound Cape Cod Bay bass was taken on a live eel in 12 feet of water. Understanding Big Bass Behavior by Ryan Collins (05/23/2011)
Large striped bass adopt specific behavioral patterns depending on the season. Understanding bass behavior in Cape Cod Bay can help an angler in establishing a smart starting point.
Live-lining provides rookie anglers with a fantastic opportunity to catch a large striped bass. Live-lining Springtime Cow Bass by Ryan Collins (05/18/2011)
May is the month for live-lining mackerel to big Cape Cod striped bass.
The Sport of Fishing... by Hap Farrell (04/13/2011)
In this article I try and discribe what real sportfishing should be. I try and show my clients how much more enjoyable fishing can be using light tackle.
Melton Hill Dam Fishing Below The Dams by Chet Moore (06/13/2009)
Fishing below the dams is not for wimps, but it\'s great fun. That\'s where the big sows hang out this time of year. If you are not catching stripers 30 pounds or more, you are not doing it right. Read the article.
Delaware River Trolling by Karl Hoelper (05/20/2009)
How to troll the Delaware River for Stripers
Night time Striper Fishing on the Delaware River Trenton Striped Bass by Karl Hoelper (05/17/2009)
Striped Bass fishing on the Delaware river at Trenton NJ Equipment, techniques, Covering water, live lining, plugging, and chunking
Fishing Below The Dams by Chet Moore (05/08/2009)
Fishing below the dams can be very productive and exciting in the spring when the stripers come up river to spawn. caught 27 the other day in five hour weighting up to 35 lbs.
Bingo Charter Fishing by Jack Bevins (02/08/2008)
Newest addition to the Atlantic Highlands Charter Boat Fleet.
Lewia and Party... Lewis Bittle Takes on Cape Cod Bay, Again by Hap Farrell (08/10/2007)
This is about n extended family fishing on Cape Cod Bay. Taking a trip from Rock Harbor where they last fished 18 years ago.
Lake Allatoona's Overlooked Linessides by Robert Eidson (08/09/2007)
Allatoona's Overlooked Linesides. Pulling Bait for a "White Fish" Mixed Bag of Striper and Hybrids
Lake Allatoona Lineside Frenzy by Robert Eidson (08/09/2007)
This Lake Allatoona Article is bought to you by First Bite Guide Service 770 827-6282 Captain Robert Eidson
Lake Allatoona spring time striper fishing by Robert Eidson (08/09/2007)
Instead of fishing crowded rivers this month, look for stripers and hybrids to run up creeks off main-lake runs. Allatoona, West Point and Bartletts are great examples.