Crank bait in winter

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 01/01/2018

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Cranking Can be Frustrating

With the winter time being one of the ideal crank bait time of year a noticeable problem with using a crank bait especially in cold water is the fact that you lose fish from the original hook up. I know it drives many fishermen crazy because they get a good fish on a crank bait give it one jump or pull and its gone.

The question should be what could you have done to prevent this from happening; while there is no solid solution there are many things you can do in preparation to give yourself the best shot at keeping that fish on the hook. First, drag is over rated when your using a crank bait; I know you listen to the reel experts and they will define the drag setting as a necessary element when fishing a crank bait. I disagree, set your drag as tight as you can get it so when the fish hits your crank bait the hook set is immediate forcing the bass to hook itself initially. If the drag is loose there is a short delay in the impact to hook set causing the fish to be loosely hooked. Next, make sure you retie after every fish caught; cold winter time temperatures are fluorocarbon line nightmares. The cold temperature causes line to get hard and break easy and any kind of nick or sharp bend in fluorocarbon line will cause your line to easily break; if you keep it retied often enough you eliminate these bends and nicks near the hook.

I also believe that technique has a lot to do with keeping hook-ups connected and crank bait hook set should be initiated with a pull side-ways not up-wards; you’re not worm fishing where the hook rotates and sticks into the top of the mouth. Think about a crank bait there are no hooks on the top side of the bait so if you pull up ward your forcing the slick hook-less side of the bait into the upper part of the fish’s mouth just asking for it to slide out unhooked. Lastly, there is no hurry to get the bass in the boat, play the fish some let it tire, don’t horse the fish this just puts tension on every part of the catching process. Work the fish to the boat keep a tight line and you will get it in the boat.

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