Fishing Reports by Captain John Rivers

About The Author: Captain

Company: Rivers to Bay Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Peterburg

Bio: I have a lifetime of fishing knowledge and over 8yrs of experience fishing the northern gulf coast and our local water ways. I have enjoyed fishing all my life. While living in the Midwest, I fished Kentucky & Barkley Lake for years along with the Ohio River and many local water ways. My first passion was bass fishing, but when I came to Florida, I found my new love Salt Water Fishing !

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Pensacola inshore Fishing Report (2/08/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing right now along the panhandle is very good for white trout, sheepshead and redfish
Warmer Tempertures make for better fishing along the Panhandle (1/21/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] With the cold spell last week the warmer temperatures are a welcome sight
It's redfish mania along the Panhandle of Florida! (12/04/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] If hooking big redfish is your thing then get to Pensacola fast the bite is red hot and the fish are big!
Red Hot Fishing in Pensacola Florida! (10/14/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] Fish on! Iíve heard these two words from many clients the past few trips and I never get tired of hearing them. The Spanish mackerel bite has been very good and should continue
Great light Tackle Fishing, Pensacola, Perdido Key, Navarre (10/01/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] Sunny skies and cooler weather have made for some great light tackle inshore fishing in Pensacola, Florida
Pensacola, Perdido Key, Navarre Report (8/20/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] For the past 8 weeks, Iíve been on one of the best inshore redfish bites Iíve ever experienced.
Pensacola, Perdido Key, Navarre Inshore Report (8/09/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing for reds has been very good the past few days.
Pensacola, Inshore fishing report - - Lady anglers show us how its done (6/29/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] Lady anglers on the Mega-Bite are showing the guys how itís done! Trout fishing was awesome in May and it's been great in June aswell
Inshore / Nearshore report, Pensacola, Navarre, Perdido Key (6/15/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] Itís been a great week of fishing aboard the Mega-Bite, Red Snappers, Kings, Black Snappers... it's been awesome!!
Pensacola, Navarre & Perdido Key Inshore Report (5/18/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] Speck mania is sweeping the waters in Pensacola along the ICW and in our back bays.
Sunny Skys and Great Fishing in Pensacola (4/16/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] The weather has cleared and the bite has been on fire, it's time to head out and do some fishing!
Spring Break Fishing has Arrived in Pensacola (3/09/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] The inshore bite in Pensacola has really turned on and will only get better as the weather improves over the next few weeks.
Spring is right around the corner in Pensacola (2/19/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] The sheepshead bite has really started to pick up on some of the bridges, rock jetties, and rock ledges in the pass.
Cold, but still catching fish in Pensacola (1/14/2009)
[Pensacola,FL] Cold weather hits the panhandle, but the fishing is still red hot!
Holiday Report from the Panhandle (12/27/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] Even know the weather has been a windy, when you can get out the fishing has been great!
Pensacola, inshore Red Fishing! (12/09/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] The fishing has been great in-between the fronts
Fishing & Thanksgiving fun for everyone! (11/24/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] This has to be the best redfish season in years. I'm seeing schools with 500 fish in them and the bite is red hot!
The fall redfish run has begun! (11/10/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] If you have never hooked up on a 30lb redfish one after another then give me a ring the reds are here!
Pensacola Redfish Mania! (10/29/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] Red fishing has picked up the past few days and it's only going to get better!
Great Fall Fishing - Pensacola, Navarre & Perdido Key (10/06/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] It's been a great start to the fishing season so far this fall and it looks like October will continue the trend.
Hot fun fishing - Pensacola, Florida (7/06/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishng has been great this summer and it's only going to get better!
Inshore / Nearshore take your pick.. Pensacoal, Fl. (6/03/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing the ICW for Specks, Reds, and heading a little farther out for Red Snapper and what ever else we can hook up.
Fun Tournament & Pensacola Report (5/01/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing with the Fishin Chix was great and I look forward to the June Tournament. Fishing in Pensacola is really starting to get hot on the flats!
Pensacola Florida Calm Seas and Great Fishing (4/24/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] Red Snapper season opened up on April 15th in State Waters and finally mother nature put a stop to the wind and we made our way out to do a little bottom fishing.
Light Tackle Fishing for Reds & Sheepshead in Pensacola, FL. (4/13/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] The bite has been red hot for Sheepshead and red fish, when the weather allows getting out you're sure to catch some fish.
Sheepshead mania along the Panhandle (3/22/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] It's been very windy the past 4 days, and finally mother nature gave us a break in the weather and we were able to get out and do some fishing!
Two Great Days of Fishing (3/11/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] None stop redfish and sheepshead action on my last two trips! Fishing is going to be great in March
Reds, Trout, & Sheepshead - Spring is right around the corner (3/01/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] With spring right around the corner, that means great fishing. Give me a ring and well get you hooked up on the Mega-Bite
Spring is right around the corner (2/05/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] Warmer Temps and calm seas has made for some great fishing. Spring is right around the corner and that means big Trout and hard fighitng Sheepshead.
Redfish in the Bay and White Trout on the Bridge (1/20/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] The white trout bite has been very good and the big reds have shown back up along the bridge
2008 arrived with high winds and very cold weather (1/04/2008)
[Pensacola,FL] Cold weather fishing for Trout and Redfish
Redfish and Trout on light tackle, Pensacola, Fl. (12/17/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Catching big Reds on light tackle is always fun!
Big Redfish on Light Tackle (12/05/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Red fishing in December is going to be great!
Hooked-up with Redfish! (11/10/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Hooked-up with Redfish all day long along Pensacola Beach
1 fish, 2 fish, 3 fish, redfish! We stopped counting when we hit 20, (11/01/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Red fish mania is what last Friday was about!
Light Tackle Action In Pensacola Is Always Fun! (10/16/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Hooking Kings and Spanish Mackerel in the bay and Black Snapper in the pass.
Milder temperatures means great fishing in Pensacola FL (10/03/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] October has arrived in style with slightly milder temperatures.
Redfish & Black Snapper on the Jetties (9/09/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] The inshore bite around Pensacola has really picked up the past few days.
Hard Fighting Reds and Jacks (8/27/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Catching Redfish on the docks and big Jacks along the beaches.
Record Breaking Temperatures the Past Few Days! (8/11/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Even know it's hot were still catching Big Reds and Black Snapperin in Pensacola Pass
Kings, Reds, & Bonita, along Pensacola, FL. (7/31/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] July has been a great month for catching fish along the Florida Panhandle, and it looks like the fishing is going to be great for August, too.
July King fishing on the panhandle has been off the charts! (7/06/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing for King Mackerel off Pensacola has been very good the past few weeks and it's only going to get better.
King Mackerel have made their invasion along the panhandle of Florida. (6/22/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing For Kings the past week has been of the charts!
Hot Temperature Means Hot Fishing in Pensacola (6/11/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] June is a great time for the start of our King Mackerel fishing and also some great inshore light tackle fishing for Trout and Bluefish
Fishing this past week was as good as it gets along the panhandle of Florida. (5/23/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Jacks on the beach, and Wahoo offshore, Fishing is hot in Pensacola, Fl.
Two words all anglers like to hear are FISH ON! (5/01/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] With calm seas and warmer temps this week, if your not out fishing you should be. The inshore bite has been hot!
Spring Fever in the Panhandle (4/22/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing in Pensacola has been off the charts the past few days and it's only going to get better!
Windy in Pensacola (4/15/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] It's been very windy in Pensacola, but when we have gone out the fishing has been very good
Redfish, Sheepshead and more! (4/01/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] Great fishing for Redfish and Sheepshead and Black Drum. March madness was all about fishing, and April should be just as good. The Sheepshead bite was off the charts the past few weeks, and should stay hot for the next month or so.
3 Days of great fishing ! (3/26/2007)
[Pensacola,FL] The bite has been very good for sheepshead, Redfish, and Black Drum. Spanish Mackerel have also start to show up in the past few days.
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