Fishing Reports by Captain Larry Pentel

About The Author:

Company: Dead Fish Charter and Guide Service

Area Reporting: Destin - Grayton Beach - Florida Panhandle

Bio: Captain Larry Pentel is a native of South Walton, growing up just 300 yards from the beach. Having fished the local waters for over forty years he is very familiar with all the fish populations, their habits and most importantly their habitats. The finest Snapper and Grouper fishing found anywhere, sight- fishing Cobia along the sandbar or spectacular Tarpon fishing at Indian Pass are all part of the seasonal experiences provided by Captín Larry.

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Plenty Of Fins To Chase (2/25/2007)
[Destin,FL] It's the middle of February and what can you catch? Trout are closed up inshore, Red Snapper offshore and now starting this year Grouper are closed in federal waters Feb. 15th till March 15.
I'm Back! And With A New Boat Too! (2/12/2007)
[Destin,FL] I have (finally) put the grinder up for the year and took the new boat out a few times this past week. The motors now have 20 hours on them and I ran my first charter on the new and improved "Dead Fish" yesterday.
Red Snapper Are Closed - Caught Great Ones (11/25/2006)
[Destin,FL] Thanksgiving week, I was booked all week but only got the last 3 days in. The first part of the week it was blowin' 25-30 out of the North and the last 3 days it has been Chamber of Commerce weather.