Fishing Reports by Captain Woody Gore

About The Author:

Company: Captain Woody Gore Charters

Area Reporting: Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg

Bio: Born and raised in Tampa, Capt. Woody developed a passion for fishing as a child and years later, he is still expanding his fishing knowledge base and skill levels. Now with over 50 years of worldwide fishing experience he does everything possible to create an unforgettable and world class fishing adventure.

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Tampa Bay Fishing Report April 2007 (4/12/2007)
[Tampa,FL] Expect good things to happen next month as the water continues to warm in the gulf, bays and backcountry. As the water continues its warming trend the bait will move onto the flats if it’s not already there.
Tampa Bay Fishing Report March 2007 (3/12/2007)
[Tampa,FL] What a great winter to be in Florida. The rest of the country’s been freezing their hind ends off when here in sunny Florida we’re in shorts, flops and T-Shirts… catching plenty fish.
Tampa Bay’s Fishing Report February 2007 (2/12/2007)
[Tampa,FL] So far I can’t say it’s been much of a winter. I only remember one charter since mid December when I really needed to bundle up and then only for the ride. Checking a few local spots the other day we found plenty of fish and a few Snook still lounging around the flats in shallow water.
Tampa Bay’s Fishing Report January 2007 (1/12/2007)
[Tampa,FL] Here it is January 2007, so where did 2006 go, seems like the years just fly by anymore. As we get further into winter we can expect some colder weather which means the Snook have moved into their winter haunts. Sometime after the first cold snap they begin transitioning into rivers, creeks, deep estuaries or anywhere holding warmer waters.
Tampa Bay August Fishing Report (7/30/2006)
[Tampa,FL] As usual, August remains hot without any degree of relief at lease for another couple of months. In spite of the heat, anglers willing to endure high temperatures and humidity can look forward to catching plenty of fish. From Mackerel to Tarpon everything is cooperating eating just about anything tossed in their direction.
Tampa Bay Fishing Hot Summer (7/15/2006)
[Tampa,FL] Ninety-degree weather and summertime humidity are part of July fishing. This means extra precautions when it comes to heat exhaustion. Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of fluids. Heat exhaustion grabs you when least expected and is sometimes fatal if not treated immediately.
Tampa Bay Fishing Report June 2006 (6/25/2006)
[Tampa,FL] Summer means hot and humid days and June is no exception. Expect good fishing this month but good fishing has a price… heat. Everything will be eating this month so plan your trips now and take advantage good summertime fishing.
Tampa Bay Fishing Report May (5/25/2006)
[Tampa,FL] Snook are everywhere and they will really turn on this month as the water continues warming. Good tidal grass flats, passes or cuts from upper Tampa Bay all the way to Sarasota will prove productive.
Great Tampa Bay Fishing (4/14/2006)
[Tampa,FL] Typical wintertime fishing in upper and lower Tampa Bay, with one exception there are Sheepshead everywhere. Seems like thousands of them hanging around oyster bars, docks, pilings, and bridge fenders and they’re willing to eat.
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