Giant Trevally (GT) off Durban for 2011

2011-01-03 11:56:55
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - Saltwater Fishing Report

So to start 2011 off with a BANG we got an awesome catch today.

This is my first report for 2011 and so I would like to wish everyone a prosperous new Year.

Since my last report in 2010 I have done a few trips off Durban, unfortunately I had to cancel my scheduled trip to Jozini and Kosi due to engine problems but all is sorted now.

In my final trips for 2010 we dropped to Black Marlin, caught a whole bunch of Dorado (Mahi Mahi) and Yellowfin Tuna. I am also pleased to report that the Kawakawa are back in full force after a few weeks absence and we have caught some huge ones again and there are many, many smaller ones lurking around with some in big schools.

On Old Years Eve we had a Wahoo that I estimate over 2m long bite the leader off just as I was going to Gaff it. Water temperatures were warm and in some parts reached 26.9deg.C and always over 25deg.C.

The New Year started off with some really lousy weather with Gale Force winds on New Years Day keeping our boats on their moorings for the day. On the 2nd we braved very large seas and went out for a 4hr trip, going out the Harbour mouth was worse than a serious surf launch with swells over 5m coming around the South pier but once we got to the Fairway Buoy it was not so bad, our trip yielded a Dorado and some decent size Kawakawa.

The standard was set for 2011 today when we went out for a 4hr trip in a stiff SW wind which made the sea flatter than the day before but very choppy, there was a lot of bait fish activity, water temperature was down at just over 22deg.C. I went up North early to try for some Couta (King Mackerel) but the water was filthy after last nights rain and the and then we decided to go out deeper were we had 2 very large fish on at once and the one parted the line leaving us with a long battle on the other rod and after a hard fight we eventually landed a very large GT (Giant Trevally, Ignobilis, Jack, Kingfish). I am extremely pleased with this catch because I have been smoked a few times in this area and now I know what it is. We also landed 2 decent size Kawakawa after that, then set a spread and took a slow troll home we were had some action on our lures by a Sailfish who did not connect.

Well done to the Ryno Rademann (16yrs old) for enduring muscle cramps and fatigue (The deep Burn), and eventually bringing this magnificent GT to the boat, a really awesome achievement.

Fish Species: Caranx Ignobilis (Giant Trevally, GT)
Bait Used: Lures
Tackle Used: Penn
Method Used: Fishing
Water Depth: 50m
Water Temperature: 22.5deg.C
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Speed: Strong
Giant Trevally (Jack)
Giant Trevally (Jack)

Mike Laubscher

About The Author: Mike Laubscher

Company: Blue Water Charters - Durban

Area Reporting: Durban. KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Bio: Have been fishing since the age of 7 with more than 30 years experience. Fish in both Saltwater & Freshwater Disciplines. Fly Fishing Specialist, Artificial Lure Specialist, Light Tackle Specialist. Love Fishing, completely addicted to fishing.

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