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Recently Submitted Louisiana Fishing Reports
    Spooky Specks at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (11/01/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Yesterday I had Jim Walther and his two guests Clint and Clint on the Blazer Bay. The wind was howling when I picked them up at Jim’s camp and the tide was still rising though it should have been falling. We found some birds working in a pass between two lagoons and the guys went to work.
    Friday Fall Fishing at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/26/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Friday fall fishing at Shell Beach. Today I helped Capt. Mark running 4 guys from Texas for him today. It was chilly, the NW wind howling and the tide was falling super hard. The guys said they wanted reds and reds they got.
    Windy Wednesday at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/26/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Windy Wednesday at Shell Beach. I picked up the Jim Walther and his quests David and Larry at Jim’s camp and off we went to find some trout though expectations were not high. The wind was blowing ridiculously hard out the ENE. We found some birds diving in a bayou and the guys put some trout in boat weeding through a lot of through back.
    Saturday at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/24/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Last Saturday at Shell Beach I had the Jamey Sandefur, his dad Doc, along with Grace, Brook, and Jim. It was a super foggy boat ride to our first stop where we got on a decent trout bite till some idiot in a tower boat came flying through right over our fish.
    Another Great Day in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/19/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Another great day at Shell Beach. Today I helped Capt. Mark with a two boat trip. My three guys hopped on the boat and off we went. Our first stop was in a pond near Four Horse and it was nonstop action. There were some trout out to the middle and cast anywhere near the shore and it was and it was an instant red.
    Finally Some Cool Weather Trout by Rory Rorison (10/14/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Finally some cool weather Trout at Shell Beach. Friday I had the Renshaw group of 3 from Atlanta. The cool boat ride sure was nice for a change, but it warmed up quickly making for a pretty day. Our first stop was where we found some birds diving where the tide was falling out a pass connecting two lagoons near Lake Robin. We had to weed through some throwbacks, but the keepers were really nice.
    Late Report for Last Saturday from Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/14/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Late report from last Saturday at Shell Beach. I had the pleasure of taking Bert and Molly into the marsh to look for some reds. It was breezy and overcast with the tide rising fast. We made one stop and it was nonstop action. The reds were silly and we limited out in short order.
    The Big Yellowfin Tuna Are Here! by Chandler Cataldie (9/27/2018)
    [Venice] Now is the time to get fish in the 200 pound range. We are rigged and ready.
    Friday Fun at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (9/25/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Friday fun at Shell Beach. I picked up John, his wife Nicole and their son Q from their camp. It was Q’s birthday fishing trip and he was ready to hit the water. It was just a little to breezy to run out to the Sound so we stayed closer in.
    Wind From the West Fish Bite the Best by Rory Rorison (7/20/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Wind from the West fish bite the best. Not really, any kind of west wind is not favorable for our area, but if it is not too bad you can deal with it. Deal with it is what the Chad Mason group did today. After a slightly bumpy ride to the fishing grounds we stop at our first rig and caught a few nice trout, but they would never turn on.
    West Wind Trout at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (7/19/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Saturday I had the Reliable Disposal crew on the boat. We were greeted to a stiff NW wind that made for a rather sporty ride to our destination. Things started off a little slow, but after bouncing around a few wellheads we got on a couple good bites with Campo’s live shrimp 3’ under a cork.
    Overnight Trips in Venice for Yellowfin Tuna by Chandler Cataldie (7/03/2018)
    [Venice] We are getting started on 11 straight days of fishing. Thankfully the tuna have showed back up!
    It's Been a Good June So Far in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (6/20/2018)
    [Shell Beach] It’s been a good June so far at Shell Beach. The summer weather is here and so are the trout. We have mostly been fishing deep in Breton Sound targeting larger trout with good success, but having to hunt around from rig to rig catching several trout till the bull reds or sharks take over. This makes for a lot of exciting action and ice chest stuffed to the top with fish.
    Funky Weather Friday at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (5/29/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Funky weather Friday at Shell Beach. When the David Broussard group showed up at the dock there was quite a light show going on in the area. Good thing was most of it was clearing out as we pulled out the slip. With the wind blowing a bit too much to get out to the Sound and plenty of storms in the area we set up in a semi protected area off the MRGO.
    Slammed Them Today at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (5/24/2018)
    [Shell Beach] I had the Renshaw group from Atlanta today and it was not a typical trip for them. Generally when Brian comes to town the wind blows like no one business, but today it was clam as could be. We ran out into the Sound and got on a decent trout bite putting close to 60 in before it died.